Testing, Testing….123…REAL Product Testing

We’ve all received the e-mails ‘Test the new iPad 3’ and we have all filled in the questionnaire at least once. Then all you get is SPAM in your inbox!

Then about a year ago, a friend on twitter @juppppy , introduced me to BZZAGENT a online social marketing company. Now back then I saw all the surveys and thought ‘Oh here we go’ and didn’t go back after my first registration. 

A month or so ago I couldn’t sleep and you know how it is, you have the smartphone, charging by the side of the bed, and before you know it your surfing the web when you should be reading a book. I happened across the BZZAGENT site again and thought what the hell…

…guess what?! They do send out products to test. The other difference is that the products that are sent out are chosen by both you and BZZAGENT, so your not getting Cat Food when you don’t even have a fish. 

The idea is you test the product and then talk about it, not just to your friends and family but also the social networking sites you already used. You receive your sample, plus the product literature and coupons to pass on to Friends and Family.  Everyone is a winner and you get to be honest about the product in your reviews too. 

My first product was Naturally Powered All in One Citrus Toilet Cleaner. 

We all have a toilet that we would hate a guest to use, ours is the downstairs one – nicknamed the ‘Boys Toilet’ because they use it but not the toilet brush. I seem to be permanently scrubbing with various liquids. 

I tell no lie now when I say this is as good as turning water into wine, all I did was pour the liquid around the bowl and leave it until the next flush. Imagine my surprise when my 3yr old comes out of there asking when we got a new toilet. Not only sparkly bright white, the severe limescale is gone (We live in a hard water area) and I’ve not had to scrub a single section!! 

Naturally Powered was made up by a group of scientists who wanted to develop a range of eco-friendly home cleaning products, safe for the family as well as the environment. Made up using a combination of plant derived ingredients, rather than just one – which is what makes it so powerful yet not harmful. The whole range has been dermatologically tested so is kind to skin. 

The use of natural ingredients does have one downside in that the Citrus fragrance isn’t very strong but in the same vein your not left with a nasty chemical smell either, even when it’s left to rest in the toilet. Ideal if you anyone in the household has Asthma or breathing problems. 

The only other criticism is the Logo / Writing on the packaging. It’s not bold enough that you remember the name of the product. I have to check the name of it everytime I use it. 

The Packaging itself is made from recycled materials, that can be recycled again when you finish. Win Win in my eyes.

Available at 500 Tesco sides. 

My second product was Halo Sanitary Wear, now these I have already seen in the shops but would never try because Sanitary Wear is like a good hairdresser – you put a lot of faith and trust in them. 

Included in this package was sample packs of Panty Liners, Sanitary Towels and Tampons – as well as the literature and coupons. 

The packaging is lovely – nice and cheerful but doesn’t draw attention to the fact your on your period if it falls out your bag. 

I don’t use tampons, so one the girls at work are testing those for me, but I did use the other. The inside packaging takes a little getting used to, the first two attempts left me in a panic that the whole thing was going to end up all screwed up and unusable. What the manufacturer has tried to do is make it more simple – the outer plastic wrapping is attached with glue to the backing of the towel – but there is just not enough so it gets a bit fiddly. The towels / liners themselves have a very good adhesive, no worries about them slipping or falling out. (Or even worse, flipping over and resulting in a medieval Hollywood Wax the next time you use the loo). 

The scented liner is not overly scented and not chemically smelling either. The breathable liner could perhaps do with being a little thinner but they are both very comfortable. I wasn’t aware of them during the day. 

Woman in the UK spend around £20 Million on towels and tampons a MONTH and it all annoys us that these necessaries also have VAT on them – you didn’t?? Think about that next time you have PMT. The fantastic idea behind Halo is that for every pack sold 15p goes to Women’s Health Charities IN the UK. That makes me feel better about the VAT swindle. 

For more info about either of this products or about joining BZZAGENT, please use the links below: 


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