Celebrating World Ostomoy Day with Gizmo

Happy World Ostomy Awareness Day!

People often ask me how I cope with my permanent ileostomy , as if it has had a negative effect on my life the Surgeons removed my diseased (Ulcerative Colitis) Large intestine and Colon, it not only saved my life but also improved it.

So today I am celebrating all the things I have been able to do since I got my Super Stoma AKA Gizmo

I’m able to look after my son myself

I went to my first festival including camping (and I’ve been back since)

I can eat whatever I want

I can now drink red wine without getting a hangover

I can go anywhere I want, without worrying where the nearest toilet is

Go on long haul holidays, even all the way to Australia by myself

I don’t live in trackkies or PJ’s – I can wear whatever I want

I get 6 pairs of free prescription knickers a year AKA my Super Pants. (I kid you not ladies these are just like a pair of Spanx)

I’ve met an amazing array of people, young and old, with IBD and/or Stoma’s. All of who have added to this amazing journey.

I honestly believe that had fate not had a hand in whether my ileostomy would be permanent or not, I would have still stayed with the stoma rather than have a reversal.

NB: If this is your first visit to my blog and you’d like to know my UC & Ileostomy back story then please scroll down! Thank you for taking the time to read this far.


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