CBB 2015 Sees The Reality Blog Dream Team Back Together

Reality Blog Partnership Reunites!

Sonikmummy & Dog

Back as early as 2004, a colleague and I discovered we we’re both huge BB fans. Then people started hanging out with us on in the break room just to hear what we thought about the previous nights episode. 

So we both being geeks, we decided to take it to the next level and produce a daily BB newsletter to e-mail around the company, because lets be honest not everyone can take their work break at the same time. 

And it exploded from there, more and more people kept asking to be added to the distribution list and then we had people from outside the company asking to get it, after being forwarded by our colleagues.

In fact it got so big that the Big Boss’s secretary came to see us on the quiet to let it us know that the boss was on the verge of finding out and if he did we’d be disciplined. 

Back then blogs were barely a thing, they definitely weren’t mainstream. So we started publishing our newsletter on our own domain without even realising we were actually blogging. 

After a few years I left the company and our lives became more hectic and finally the unthinkable happened and I fell out of love with BB, so our ‘blog’ fell to the wayside.

Thankfully Dog has remained loyal to this day and encouraged me just before Christmas to give the next  CBB a chance in the new year……and boy was he right!

I’m hook, line and sinker into this CBB 2015 so much that I’ve started blogging about and I’ve managed to coerce Dog into adding his insightful views and comments to the blog.  


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