CBB Bedlam Sat 10th

CBB 2015 – Sat 10th Episode

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*
If you didn’t catch that tonights episode was moved from 9pm to 10pm and wonder why, then the ‘warning’ at the start of tonights CBB made it completely clear.
After only 3 days in the house, Hell has already broken out. 
Before Ken had even got the sleep out of his eyes he was being offensive, Saying he was going to the shower room to look at ladies arses and promptly trotted out there. Half the housemates thought he was joking but he then repeated himself whilst the girls were in the bathroom and had to be put in his place by Patsy.
Katie also had a go at offending everyone before they’d finished their first cuppa of the day by saying, about a Indonesian child being made to make clothes, that at least they had a job. 
Ken claims his ‘offensive’ act is to get voted out of the house but I had him pegged as a John McCririck from the start. Although it could also be a double bluff. Not only is he actually that offensive but he knows the more you say you want to go the longer they keep you in. 
First order of the day from BB was face to face voting and boy were these housemates up for that. 
The voting went as follows:
Michelle voted Ken (Wants to go home)
Perez voted Ken (Wants to go home)
Katie voted Perez (Too annoying and loud)
Nadia voted Katie (They’re polar opposites)
Cami voted Ken (Wants to go home & he called her a slut)
Jezza voted Patsy (She has a Auto Immune and that he needs to kill of the    weakest in order to become the strongest)
Chloe voted Ken (Offensive)
Calum voted Ken (Wants to go home)
Kav voted Ken (Wants to go home)
Alicia voted Calum (Safest to stay & doesn’t like her)
Patsy voted Ken (Bathroomgate)
Alex voted Perez (Control Freak & has to be centre of attention)
Cheggars voted Perez (Because he puts his arse & feet on the food surfaces)
Which means that Ken will face the public vote along with Chloe & Alexander
Perez then informed Nadia that the reason Katie voted for him is because he is her biggest competition – yep Nadia was speechless too. 
Ken then called Alexander a Negro and whilst Alexander told him it’s not ok to use that word, he did give him a chance to redeem himself. Ken however seemed to then try to use every racist word in his vocabulary. Ken was called into the Diary Room for a warning, which is no surprise given BB’s previous problems with racism. 
Then we had Jezza having a drinking competition with himself, that could only end one way and that was with his head in the toilet. Chloe went it to check he was ok and he started his philosophic nonsense and the next thing is we here Chloe explain “No! That’s not alright” and come running out in tears. 
Jeremy had pulled open her dressing gown and touched her boob. Nadia was mother hen between taking Chloe to the diary room and stopping Cami from cutting off his bollocks. 
Next thing Jeremy comes out and Calum has been elected to get his side of the story but before he can even begin Jeremy is so unaware of his actions being inappropriate that he thinks everyone is slagging off his drinking prowess. 
Jeremy was sent to the bathroom by BB and Perez had a full on hissy fit how he didn’t feel safe in the house with Jeremy

The other problem Jeremy had was the more he tried to defend himself the worst he made it, even eventually admitting he did touch Chloe boob ‘But only because she thought she was flirting’.
Jeremy had to sleep in a seprate area to everyone else and was eventually ejected from the house the next morning. 
In the meantime continued to make offensive comments to everyone, including those who had defended him earlier, including Perez and got himself another formal warning.
I’m just not sure if BB are just keeping Ken in because he wants to go 


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