CBB Behaviour & Beds Thu 8th

CBB 2015 – Thu 8th Episode

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

Chloe & Cami have struck up a predictable friendship, with the unoriginal tandem boob jiggling whenever possible. Constant offenders of encouraging this are Alexander & Jeremy, who couldn’t resist ‘umpiring’ the girls Arm Wrestling by the Hot Tub.

Perez being a former ‘Fatty’ has been quizzing Katie on her Fat-ist views and you can tell she is really struggling, having to be not only nice to him (in particular) but she has to say nice things about fat people.

Later on Perez discloses that he thinks Public Persona Katie Hopkins is a Character and ‘Nice’ Katie, they are seeing in the house, is the real Katie. We can all only speculate but if the Nasty is fake she won’t be able to keep that up for a month, once she starts forgetting about the cameras.

Reg just seems to raid the fridge, wander around on his own and talk to himself. 

Perez must be pissing these guys off in there, he interviews everyone like he’s speed dating. It’s definitely grating on me. 

Jeremy has been knocking back the Champagne like it’s water but claims he isn’t an Alcoholic, he just has an excessive personality. Michelle claims that this is a massive improvement in his life / behaviour. Personally I think we have an Amanda Bynes melt down in the making here. 

Due to his wandering around like he has Alzheimer’s, Reg has missed out on nabbing a bed. So he now has choice but to share and Perez is the only one forthcoming with an offer. 

First words out of Reg’s mouth weren’t thank you but “Are you gay? But you have a child!”. Perez promised him there would be no funny business but it was only a couple of hours ago that Perez announced that he had a huge dick and it got erect whenever it was near anyone – regardless of the sex person.

We’re not the only ones concerned about Jezza’s behaviour either, Nadia has spoken to Michelle about it and Perez has even gone to the diary room to say his behaviour is close to crossing over to dangerous not entertaining.

Finally someone (Calum) is onto Katie, not only that her kindness & sweetness is fake but she is the villain of the house and was in fact the person that put Chloe & Alexander up! Well done Sherlock.


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