CBB Fri 9th Jan Real or No Real

CBB 2015 – Fri 9th Episode
*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*
As predicted Perez is getting annoying by being loud and overbearing, many of them are calling it his fake blogger persona. Which leads, in part, to the first row  of this series, when Michelle pulls him up on ‘ditching’ her once he was famous and generally being “Cunty”. 
Michelle is on a mission and is joining the ever swelling ranks of housemates that think Katie’s niceness is fake. 
Shockingly Nadia is very Anti- American, it could be due to there being so many Americans in this series but her comments are effectively racist and there is no excuse for her behaviour. She describes it as just letting off steam but even Calum pulled her on it. 
BB hasn’t finished with Katie yet and she has a new ‘Kindness’ task. Firstly she had to name the housemates she felt were least attractive and she picked Reg, Perez and Patsy. She picked the first two for ‘Fat’ reasons, if anyone needs their head testing it’s you love. 
The twist is she has to give a foot massage to one of the above three, I was pissing myself laughing. Who doesn’t hate feet let alone touching them (other than if you have a foot fetish, of course). 
I thought she’d tell BB to f*ck off but but all good to her she massaged Perez’ feet and was rewarded by having the niceness curse removed.
I feel a bit sorry for Calum because everyone just keeps asking how Lindsay Lohan was to date and very gentlemanly he is just very vague. 
I can’t work out if Reg Holdsworth is a character that Ken Morely is playing in the house or that he didn’t need to do any acting in Corrie and was just himself. Either way it’s because he thinks it makes him cute and lovable. 
SHUT THE FRONT DOOR! Katie just welled up talking about how much she loves her husband. Clearly that affair she got caught having when she was photographed shagging a colleague in a field, has been swept under the carpet. 
Looks like Jezza might have Britney moment first, he wants Michelle to dare him to shave his beard off. She’s pointed off that it’d be no biggie if he does cos it’s not long and it’ll grow back. He’s taken that as her daring him and is now walking about mumbling excitedly to himself. No one give him an umbrella.
Classy! Cami has a tattoo on her vagina, perhaps not the best first impression on only the 2nd day but now she is showing it to Perez – in front of every one. 
Chloe and Cami are then blatanty just boob jiggling and again the judges are Jezza and Alexander. This is under the guise of showing how hard it is to model and the difference between false and real boobs. 

Finally Calum and Cami do some flirting school playground style – being mean to each other. This continues into the bedroom before they have a weird coded conversation, which I interrupted to be that they both have partners but they have permission to ‘cheat’ in the house. I can only presume for entertainment purposes and not cynical public support! There seems to be a part of Calum that’s cautious thou, like his radar is picking up possible stalker.

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