CBB The Day After The Night Before Sun 11th

CBB Sun 11th Jan Episode 

*You are reading a CBB Blog – please excuse any swearing and views you may find offensive*

Nadia is really turning out to be a big bore, all she does is winge and whine, she just reminds me of some old woman who has never been offended by anything and has just landed on earth, gone into the BB house and discovered other humans have different opinions.

Maybe she was in outer space with Perez, got to repeat myself, he’s really is a bell end (may be I might just refer to him as that in future).

What is it with ex Coronation Street stars when they go in the BB house, I really used to be a fan of Ken (Reg Holdsworth for those of you who are over 35), Julie Goodyear turned out to be an odd ball too. 

Calum put him back in his place when Ken tried to get under his skin during the task.

I wonder if BB producers will get some ex Eastenders stars in for the next BB so we can have a comparison.

I’m loving Katie (acid tongue) Hopkins, always have and it looks like she’s coming off as one of the best housemates so far, she didn’t bite when “Bell End Perez” tried to out her with some old news about bonking in a field (who hasn’t done that?).

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