CBB The Fairytale is Starting to Sour Sun 11th

CBB 2015 – Sun 11th Episode

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

Housemates were still shocked about Jeremy & Ken’s behaviour and even the most tolerant of them, Michelle, is now disgusted about Ken’s offensive comments.

They then were called to the sofa’s so that BB could inform them all that Jeremy had been ejected from the house. Safe to say that everyone was visibly relieved but no one more so than Perez. Who is under the impression that everyone wants to harm / kill you. 

Ken’s excuse for his unbelievable behaviour last night is that he was drunk and doesn’t remember any of it. Neither you nor I nor the housemates are buying that. Chloe later in the day said to him that she doesn’t think he would make such sexist / Inappropriate comments in real life and asks if he is just saying these things for shock entertainment value. The long and short of Ken’s reply is that he can neither confirm or deny. 

Afterwards Ken was went to the diary room because he is worried what his wife will think, as she told him not to swear. To be honest mate, that’s the least of your problems. BB asked if he had apologised to any of the housemates for his behaviour and his response was to go into a super rant about how he has had enough of ‘political correctness gone mad’ and even mocked Chloe’s reaction to what Jeremy did. Where’d did they find this guy, Nasty Little Men Anonymous?

During the day everyone had a task, which involved Michelle & Ken reading Fairy Tale’s (which related to the other housemates) and matching them to each person and they got them all correct! These were: 

Has a Masters in Law – Cami  
Caught humping in a field with married man – Katie
Had plastic surgery to look like Barbie – Alicia
Once called the biggest bully on the Internet – Perez
Was Cameron Diaz’ bottom double – Chloe
Went from Riches to Rags – Kav
Slipped on a Prawn Ball – Nadia
Revealed he was alcoholic live on TV – Cheggars
Has had 3 hair transplants – Calum
Was in bed with Mel Gibson – Patsy
Was a member of a gang – Alexander

The whole task was light hearted and fun, everyone was being friendly and getting on then Perez went a  bit to far questioning Katie about her affair and then Ken did the same about Chloe’s arse. It all kicked off Nadia shouted at Ken, Cheggars (WTF) told Perez to Shut the Fuck up, Patsy wanted to leave and Perez made a tearful apology to Katie.

What would BB do in such a situation? Give them Cocktails & Music for passing the task, which I have to admit didn’t have the effect I was expecting and it was a lovely party atmosphere with everyone dancing. Nadia has some really good moves and of course Alexander had the best rhythm and the night was only ruined by Perez starting the ME, ME, ME! show. Nadia threatened to drown him in chocolate milk and a few others went to bed just to avoid him.

The final part of the show was Katie in the diary room, telling BB that Perez will be leaving the house and it will be by her hand.


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