Celeb BB Monday12 Jan

CBB 2015 – Mon 12th Episode

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

Where do I start, oh yer my rant about “Bell End” Perez, get a grip man!!

He’s such a game player telling Patsy that what she said could be racist. He really is trying to get under everyone’s skin. 

Did BB design that yellow head gear for the task after Bell End Perez, I think they are reading this blog and thought what would be a good design, I know lets try to make a Bell End hat for our task.

Kavana and Alexander writing a song, that’s funny as Kavana (one hit wonder) can’t sing, Alexander is an R&B legend but maybe songwriting is not for him as he did have the best writers and producers do it for him back in the 80s.

Now lets get back to Ken the racist, sexist little gimp of a man.

Calling Patsy a scrubber, Alexander a negro, Cami a slut and telling Chloe she asked for that pervert to open her gown, this man is unbelievable. If he’s got a daughter and she was raped would he than say she asked for it because she was wearing a short skirt and make up.

Glad he’s gone!!!!

Got to say Alicia is coming across very normal, I do like her.

DOG AKA Reality Blog 


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