CBB Mon – Silly Silly Man

CBB 2015 – Mon 12th Episode

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

House mates will have their first task today ‘Shopping Aid’ . The first part is to ride the exercise bike continuously, all day, for the fake charity Shopping Aid.

For the next part of the challenge, Alexander & Kavana have been chosen as the musical directors to write a Charity single for the housemates to perform and record in a studio later.

After the housemates have been into the “BB Recording Studio” to pass the pass that part of the task but  it must be liked by more that 50% of online viewers. 

It actually pretty good and sounds good too. The solo parts from Alexander are top notch and I’m sure that helped the online video being liked by 68% of the viewers.

The housemates eventually passed the task and won a luxury shopping budget. 

Michelle speaks to Katie about her pre-conceptions and expected not to like her because She likes to see the good in everyone but she’s actually surprised to not only like her but agree with some of the stuff says. 

Katie thinks Alicia has a “You cannot be that thick” bomb coming. Meanwhile Alicia is saying that she likes Katie, and that Perez will drop the fake blogger act soon.

Katie hasn’t been that bad and I think Nadia hit the nail on the head her her vicious tongue is a character that she can only crack out, in small segments that she has well thought out. 

Patsy made a passing comment about Alexander, after a lengthy chat with him and the Perez accused of her of being racist, which has left Patsy has been left tearfully devastated that she had unwittingly been racist to Alexander. But best Mr. O’Neal he not only assured her she hadn’t but gave her hugs too. 

Cheggars seems to be very well liked by the house and like Nadia says “He’s a British National Treasure”. The only person that thinks he is fake / game playing is Perez and I’m not even going to bother commenting on Perez anymore.

Ken still under the impression he’s not being offensive called Patsy an Eastend Scrubber and then slagged of her parents heritage. He then accuses Chloe, to her face, that what Jeremy situation was brought on by her actions.

Cami challenged Ken on his comments and then Nadia asked him if he thinks he could have said anything that could be offensive or wrong, whilst he has been in the house. He doesn’t give a straight answer and his reasoning is that it’s what BB wants from him. 

Nadia then chases him out to the bike (it was his turn) to stop him from getting away without explaining himself. She ends up wishing she hadn’t and Cami needs to possibly muzzled.

Perez of course takes it too far with bitching Ken and gets called to the diary room and told he could be perceived as threatening. Perez then had the cheek to get up all in the Diary Room’s face.

Finally at the end of tonight’s show, what we all knew was coming, Ken was ejected. It needs no explanation. I wonder if he has John McCriricks agent of speed dial.

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