CBB And Cracks Begin To Crumble Fri 16th

CBB 2015 – Fri 16th Episode inc. Live Eviction

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

Tonight there will not only be a Live Eviction but also a NEW HOUSEMATE GOING IN! 

In the meantime lets see what the housemates have been getting up to.

Over breakfast Katie, Michelle, Perez and Alicia are trying to rehash the Katie & Alicia arguments.And whilst Alicia tries to argue her case, she just never gets up to any decent speed with it. 

Katie got very totes emosh when Cami, Chloe and Michelle paid her a compliment and gave her hugs. She continues with the tears in the diary room too. Maybe she’s sprung a leak?!

Perez has misgivings that his biggest enemy is Katie but he has no idea, that there are 3 sisters that have a target on his back. 

Bless Kav, he is trying to warn Alicia against falling in with Perez because Kav genuinely cares about her and has been her buddy, but she stabs Kav straight in the back by running straight to Nadia and Perez

Chloe has a master plan to use against Perez, if she stays in, she will become mini me Perez. The Nemisis he doesn’t even know exists.

The clap of thunder and musical statues signals the first part of the eviction process, the two housemates with the highest number of votes and therefore safe are Michelle & Alicia. Which leaves Alexander and Chloe to go head to head. 

With Chloe’s more bitchy side making a bigger appearance , I don’t fancy her chances against Katie Price – if she is going in! 

Back to what else happened yesterday……

….The fucking Perez show continues in the Garden and in the meantime the bitchiness towards Alicia steps up its game. Callum tries to umpire the girls and even Michelle has cause to speaks to all of them as if they are 10 years old and she is matron. Perez is completely oblivious to whats going on and continues with his sideshow …. all that wasted effort. 

Michelle and Callum then go to the diary room to complain about Perez’ *sexually explicit* behaviour in the garden, in his pants. Bless Michelle she is in tears because she feels his carry on has set back LGBT rights campaigning back years with just tonight and not all the rest of his crap. Don’t worry Michelle we know that’s not the behaviour of a Gay Man but an Insane Man. 


*Stop Press* Chloe is the first CBB housemate to be evicted in 2015 and I think last nights behaviour didn’t help her cause. I think, however, the public have saved her from Katie Price. *Stop Press*

Now the moment we have all been waiting for, an empty bed to be filled. Celebrity Housemate No.15 is Katie Price and she can’t stop crying already. She’s dressed as a Disney Princess and ready to rumble with Katie Hopkins. 

Emma Willis has given Katie Price a Magic Wand and BB will giving her further instructions on how to use when she gets in the house. 

On entering the house Katie P had to banish 3 people to the gilded cage for the duration of the ball tonight. Before she selected her 3, she said she’d be watching the show but wanted to judge everyone on how she finds them in the house now and asks they do they same of her. With that she banished Perez – because the house needs a fucking rest. Cami – because she needs to sort her shit out with Perez and Nadia because she knows she is a strong woman. 

This could be everything we hope and SO SO SO MUCH MORE 


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