CBB Are The Lunatics Running The Asylum Thu 15th

CBB 2015 – Thu 15th Episode

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

Perez gets a firm talking to, first thing in the morning, from Alexander O’Neal after he’s done his usual bitch fest group to group, person to person thing. Alexander tells him to STFU and stop shit stirring. That’s the first time I’ve seen Perez both gobsmacked AND not burst into tears. 

Perez (God I’m so fed up of typing his name so repetitively) then gains further delusions of grandeur and says that if Katie Hopkins doesn’t paint his nails before midday, he’ll banish her to Jail for 12 hours. If this Jail even did exist (which it doesn’t!) then I am sure it couldn’t be any worse than being locked in the BB house with him.

Today’s task is to put on a Royal Gala for the King & Queen, the two found to be most entertaining will become court jesters and become immune from eviction. 

First up is Kav and although he is wheeling out his one and only hit, he surprises his fellow housemates because he can actually sing.

Chloe wrote a harsh (but true) poem about Perez.

Michelle made and read a list of put downs about each housemate.

Nadia presented the King & Queen with a much needed Divorce.

Alicia spoke about plastic surgery.

Katie wrote a ‘nasty’ newspaper column about everyone in the house.

Alexander sung the AMAZING (Criticise).

Alicia pulls Katie for calling her thick but doesn’t go the whole hog.

Alexander is however less kind about Alicia but at least it’s behind her back when he says she is dumb as a bucket of rocks. 

Katie has one her superior than thou speeches in the diary room but I can’t take her seriously because she is wearing a onesie. I wear one, don’t get me wrong, but I don’t make out I’m such a sophisticated middle class twat!

The final task for the Queen & King is to curse 4 of the housemates with being up for eviction. They are advised to seek the views of the jesters but it ends up just Cami & Perez going at each other. Even Cheggars starts to lose patience with Perez. 

The housemates are gathered in front of the King & Queen to hear who is cursed and it is…..

Perez puts up Chloe & Michelle

Cami puts up Alexander & Alicia

If looks could kill Perez should be 6ft under after the way Michelle looked at him.

Nadia is making a foolish move in forming alliance with Perez. 

Chloe and Michelle discuss being nominated and both agree that if they survive “Shit will hit the Fan”.


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