CBB Perez, Perez, Perez – Wed 14th

CBB 2015 – Wed 14th Episode

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

Alicia starts her day by pulling Katie aside for calling her cruel as a mother and states that some people could view Katie is cruel mother with her actions. Katie apologises to Alicia for the comment but Alicia just can’t leave it and continues poking.

Cami Li tells Patsy that Alicia is doing her squats wrong, just so that she can grass her up about having fat injections in her bum. Patsy just pisses herself laughing,especially when she hears Alicia admitted to loving rehab because the food is really healthy.

Where does Alicia get her money from? I need to Google that later. 

The hot topic is Cheggars effectively being Switzerland because whenever there is a dispute or uproar he walks out the room. Meanwhile the man himself is in the diary room having a heart to heart (and a tear) with BB because he missing his family. 

We see a repeat of last nights live eviction game, that lead to Cami being left on the tree and therefore seemed to be up for eviction. 

*Evil Laughter* 

But BB had a surprise twist up his sleeve which he reveals is that he will, in fact, be making Cami Queen of the Fairies and therefore immune from the next public vote and Cami has the last laugh when she hears all the other housemates are up for eviction. 

As Cami leaves the diary room and the housemates are told to all rise for their Queen, Perez appears to have lost something up Cami’s arse, he’s so far up it. 

There is fallout from the nominations, because Cami and Chloe were left to the end. The main sticking point in particular is that Patsy didn’t pick either of them despite being ‘BFFs’ from the start and instead she picked Perez

The group quickly divides straight down the middle, on one side the Butt Kissers and on the other side are the ones pointing them out. 

Perez takes himself further up Cami’s Ass (I think I can see his head poking up in her throat) when he whispers that he didn’t deliberately not save Cami (his Miami sister) but picked Alexander because no one else would save him. 

Perez is like a bee going from gossip flower to gossip flower. And there is a tug of love between Chloe & Cami and Perez, all fighting over Nadia and Patsy. Both sides are 
convinced the other is being manipulated. 

What none of the house have realised yet is that Nadia & Patsy are the biggest game players, after all they are long term ultimate BB fans.

Surprisingly Cami picks Perez as King of Fairies but she plays the game perfectly, she has fulfilled the BB specification of someone that will make Fairy mischief but also given Perez enough rope to hang himself too.

And it’s not long before he is when he tells Cami that she should have “faux lesbian ways” with one of the girls in the house, cos that’s what the British public will love. Cami goes all street on him and then Nadia calls him on it. She makes him go and apologise, which sends him into floods of tears AGAIN!

Michelle sums it perfectly, in the diary room, She gets less drama from 20 Drag Queens than she does from living with Perez


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