CBB The Ego Has Landed – Thu 15th

CBB 2015 – Thu 15th Episode

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

OMG the ego has landed, well it landed a few days back but is now over inflated, “Bell End” Perez is really thinking he owns this show.

Loved it when Alexander told him off in the bedroom, he looked total surprised that someone would tell him to pipe down and stop shit stirring.

Cami-Li is getting on my wick to with her American bad ass talk, and rocking her head & body as if she’s something from a snoop dog vid. Yes she does look good but that mouth reminds me of emptying my little boys potty.

Perez and Nadia huddled together in their witches coven, gossiping about Katie,
Well good old Hopkins “Is Not for Turning” as the late Iron Lady Thatcher once said.
Nadia is so far up Perez‘ ass it’s shocking!

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