CBB – I’m Fed Up Of Hearing and Writing the P Word Sat 17th

CBB 2015 – Sat 17th Episode (Eviction Day)

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

First topic of the day is about Perez’ behaviour. Cheggars tries to advise him about it and when Perez  reveals that he is doing it because he doesn’t want to stay in the house but if he walks he doesn’t get paid. Cheggars says fair enough but perhaps doing nothing would be better.  

Katie H has clearly self appointed herself as Queen Bee and decides she needs to be Cheggars personal adviser but he gives Katie H a short sharp shrift when she tells him he shouldn’t be entertaining Perez, let alone talking to him.

Then Katie H does the complete opposite as if she can’t help herself but follow him around, ranting and again she seems to cross the line into bullying. 

Alicia speaks of the relationship break down with Cami & Chloe, in the dairy room and how it only leaves her to be friends with Katie H or Perez and she doesn’t get on with Katie H. Weird because I’m sure the only other person who has made it clear they don’t like Alicia is Calum.

Then we find out Perez also woke up everyone with his coughing, at 6am, not coughing in is bed but at the other end of bedroom.  So he pissed everyone off but none more so than Alexander and then he continued to taunt him until Alex called him a Faggot. And whilst that is VERY wrong he deliberately targeted Alexander by blowing him kisses and waggling his tongue at him through that bloody rabbit’s ears. 

Michelle immediately told Alexander “Not OK” but it was the final straw for the housemates who told Perez to shut the fuck up and fuck off BY EVERYONE. No one even wants him in their space. BB pulls Alexander on calling him a faggot and Alexander says that now he is not angry, he knows that this was wrong. He is given a formal warning and if he gets another one he’s out but unless Perez has a death wish then I think Alexander ‘The Man’ O’Neal will be fine.

Katie H in the meantime went into one of her ‘close to ‘bullying rant and broke Perez’ rabbit – which is by far the funniest thing she has done so far. 

Perez goes to the diary room to demand his lawyer, because two people have threatened him with physical violence, He is starting his “Concern for his Safety” bollocks. He says he is following the rules and trying to be professional. Imagine a Perez in a office environment

For the eviction night there is a eviction ball, with a gilded cage. When BB plays music the housemates must dance and when it stops the housemates must freeze and speak.

Chloe got evicted (I think the Alicia thing sealed that for her, on the night) but Alexander really thought that he was going, but he is over the moon to give Perez the ‘V’ because it proves he is more popular.

AlexanderCalum and Kav were pleased to hear the cheers of “Get Perez Out” as that should be a wake up call to Perez

The music plays, Perez sulks in the corner (now clutching a wooden horse) and then the music freezes again, and the housemates suss someone is coming in. That gets Perez out of his sulking corner. Michelle is so star struck excited when she sees it’s Katie Price. Katie H realises she may be about to have a shocker, in the shape of Jordan. 

Katie P calls Perez to come out and immediately banishes him to the gilded cage, for the duration of the rest of the ball. Next is Cami, so that her and Perez can “sort their shit out” and then lastly Nadia because she is a strong woman. 

Katie P reveals that she has had to have all her (fake) boobs removed because of a septic infection. Alicia finally has someone who understands her.

Katie P tells the diary room, that she feels really welcomed and because she has been watching the show beforehand, she knows they have been back stabbing but even Katie H is being nice. 

Katie Price gets Katie H to admit what she said about her and then turns it to her advantage to god court. Katie P talks about how she caught her husband and TWO of her best friends  shagging.  Even Calum is shocked at her husbands antics. The reason I’m not calling him her ex-husband is because she took him back. Apparently he was just a sex addict. 

Nadia and Patsy talk in the toilet about the tensions about in the house and Patsy advises Nadia that she shouldn’t stop being his friend but she mustn’t defend his outrageous behaviour. Patsy has been an occasional sit on the fence individual and given that her and Nadia are clearly friends on the outside too, I was surprised. So to risk criticising Nadia’s friendship, of which she is very defencive of, was a risky manoeuvre but it does prove that they clearly do have a very deep, sincere friendship. 

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