CBB – Alexander O’Neal Has Left The House Sun 18th

CBB 2015 – Sun 18th Episode 

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

Perez starts the morning by saying (to Katie P) he is 99% sure he will walk and leave the house today, because he fears for his own safety.

Alicia tells Kav & Cheggars that she feels left out, as Perez is now BFF’s with Katie P, but Nadia seems pleased to share the load. 

Katie P is telling everyone about her relationships and how quickly she falls in love (and gets pregnant!) but says she wouldn’t change a thing she has done….apart from trying out to be the UK entry for Eurovision.  PMSL. I love how Michelle interacts with her as she is clearly a fan but she doesn’t crowd her or seem overbearing, just honestly interested.

Alexander bless him is called to the diary room to see how he is feeling. He says that he is still frustrated by Perez and this is unfortunately leading him to be a negative force in the house. When he is like this he tends to isolate himself from everyone and not just Perez and he doesn’t want to do that, so he is going to pull himself up by the boots straps. 

Housemates have to nominate today, for the first time form the diary room, but Katie P is unable to vote or be voted as she has only just come into the house. The voting goes as follows: 

Katie H >>>    1. Perez – “A Genital Wart on the face of the house                           
                       2. Nadia – Is the liberal left and gives Perez a platform

Cheggars >>> 1. Alexander – Leaving Phlegmy tissues around the house 
                        2. Perez – You just don’t know where you are with him 

Nadia >>>       1. Katie H-  Don’t like each other 
                        2. Alexander – Because of tension since Perez and he fell out

Calum >>>      1. Perez – Root of awkwardness
                        2. Alicia – Doesn’t pay attention or Alert 

Cami >>>        1.  Alicia – Not someone she would hangout with on the out
                        2. Perez – He’s disgusting, manipulative and calculating

Patsy >>>       1.Perez – Tension and Anger in the house caused by him 
                       2.Nadia – Life is being sucked out of her by being the caring mother and        
                          needs peace

Michelle >>>   1. Perez – Pity & Disdain
                       2. Alicia – Plays the victim, especially with Perez

Kav >>>          1. Perez – Everyone is mentally & physically exhausted by him
                       2.Nadia – is not genuine with Perez and she is mothering him too much

Perez >>>       1. Katie H – threatened physical violence and to poison him
                        2. Cami Li – flies off the handle when she’s had a drink

Alicia >>>        1. Cami li – becomes a potty mouth when she has a drink
                        2. Katie H – Called her a cruel mother and thick

Due to Alexander leaving his votes are now void so Nadia and Cheggars have re-do one vote. 

Nadia >>>       2. Michelle – friends with Katie h

Cheggars >>> 2. Kav – Messy lad and leaves food everywhere

Katie P has a chat with Alexander in the garden and she says it feels like the house has settled and he admits that he thinks it’s Katie P’s presence in the house that has done that and in part that’s because Perez is now entertained by having a new housemates.

Katie P and Alicia have a ‘Men are all Bastards’ and discuss the men that two timed them with each other. They also admit that they had issues with each other over the years but now they’ve met each other in the flesh they actually quite like each other. 
Perez puts on Katie P’s princess dress on, as part of his fake idol worship and no doubt to do some sort of taunting in the garden ritual. I’m sure she’s only given it to him to have a break for 5 minutes.

Alexander is getting more irate the more he see’s and says he doesn’t want to eat anything that Perez is breathing his bird flu on. Nadia gets told to butt out by Alexander too.

Perez is in the diary room, claiming that everyone is fearing for his safety and is ranting that he is shaking with fear because Alexander is staring at him menacingly as if he is going to jump him. 

Alexander is outside explaining to Calum that he is making Perez only feel as uncomfortable as Perez has been making everyone else. Alex’ aggravation is starting to worry housemates but only because they don’t want Alexander to be provoked into losing his temper and being thrown out for threatening Perez

Perez finally gets his way and Alexander walks from the house, he leaves a touching message for the housemates and asks them not to let the reason for his leaving affect the rest of his stay. Everyone but Alicia leaves Perez sitting on his own but even she walks away in the end. 

Cami, Katie H, Patsy and Michelle are in tears. Even Kav loses his cool and has a ranty swear. 

Then Katie H gets all cross and shouty not just at Perez but at those who have ‘hosted’ him. So Nadia and Patsy go to bed to avoid the fallout and Nadia asks her not to let Katie H provoke her into being a fishwife. Michelle even gives Alicia a mother and daughter chat about it being time to stop taking back her “Shitty boyfriend” (Perez) back.

Katie H continues to taunt Perez whilst she helps pack Alexanders case but also carries on her tirade against those who continue to entertain him after all he’s done i.e. Nadia, Alicia and Patsy but its interesting to note that she doesn’t confront Katie P on the very same.

As Alexander has left there will be no live eviction on Tuesday, but nominations will remain in place until Tuesday when Emma will reveal a live nominations twist. 


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