CBB Cadet Shopping Task Mon 19th

CBB 2015 – Mon 19th Episode 

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

Housemates are waking up to not only Shopping Task but a new regime, as BB Cadets and BB has appointed Katie H as the Cadet Leader Red Pigeon.

The seating area has been turned into a camp fire circle with logs replacing the sofas and all  the ‘normal’ food has been removed as the housemates will be eating ‘cadet’  food.

Katie H admits to BB that she will be victimising certain people (Alicia & Perez) under the guise of a legitimate task.

The first task badges are to be earned by two Cadets who must carry out good deeds for others.

The chosen ones are Perez who has to sit on the Naughty Step & not speak or attract any attention and Nadia who must clean the bath with a toothbrush. Both of them passed the task by completing their deeds to Red Pigeons standard.

Perez goes to the diary room to discuss Katie H as Red Pigeon, and he thinks that she is jealous of him because he’s more entertaining and dramatic. He’s even started talking about himself in the 3rd person.

Cami Li and Calum discuss Alicia eating with her mouth open and looking like a surprised Raptor

Katie P asks Alicia why she doesn’t have any money now and apparently an ex-boyfriend cut her off and then the supplier for her business went bust and she lost everything – house, car etc. I really need to Google Alicia before she leaves the house.

Next task is for the housemates to fill rubbish and recycling bins with trash using only head funnels. Michelle and Katie P were exempt from the task on medical grounds but even they were dry heaving from the smell and they were some distance from the task zone. Katie H was surprisingly encouraging and helpful.

Thankfully they passed the task and earned their environmental badges.

The final part of the shopping task is for the housemates to earn their Honesty Badges by taking the honesty stick and offer honest advice to another housemate. Only the housemate holding the stick can talk.

Katie H offered Perez her advice – No  matter how you behave, you shouldn’t run away and straight to the diary room but instead take ownership of the consequences. Live by the sword, die by the sword. His reply was “I don’t like using weapons”.

Nadia spoke to Katie H – she had enjoyed working with her on today’s tasks and had judged Katie on what she heard about her before going into the house. She wants them to start a fresh page with each other. Katie H’s reply was that she likes the power of the words.

Cheggars advised Patsy to stop apologising for everything because she’s bloody brilliant. Patsy’s reply was very defensive and said it’s because she constantly feels like she is on egg shells.

Michelle spoke to Cami that she worries about how her behaviour perceived when she drinks . Cami said it’s house that makes her drink and she is who she is

Perez asks Keith to continue to bring much needed laughter to the house.

Alicia offered Perez friendly advice and not to not self destruct with his own behaviour. Perez offered a reply to the whole house “Wait till you all watch this back”.

Katie P spoke to Katie H, in the same way that Nadia did, she felt that she was opinionated in a nasty way on the outside but since coming into the house they’ve talked about normal things, she has a heart and is family orientated. Katie H’s reply was that people still haven’t realised that compliments are her Achilles Heel.

And THANK GOD they’ve passed the shopping task and earned the luxury shopping budget, because I don’t know how this house would cope if you added basic food rations into the mix too. 

Later on Keith & Alicia discuss how Perez has behaved really well today but Kav is quick to point out that it only an act and Calum agrees. Meanwhile Perez is having some sort of  sugar hype in the bathroom – looking at himself in the mirror the whole time and talking about himself in the 3rd person AGAIN.

BB reveals this weeks nominations to the Housemates and the four that will be facing the public vote are Nadia, Alicia, Katie H, and Perez but what they don’t know is that there won’t be an eviction on Tuesday but there nominations will be rolled over to Friday eviction(s).

Alicia is clearly totally unaware of her environment, as she is shocked that people have put her up for nomination. She is now paranoid about who voted for her but the cogs seem to be slowly turning as she tries to work it out and a couple of hours later she thinks it might have been Calum, Michelle and Cami because she sides with those who other don’t approve of and  because she wouldn’t join their gang.

In her wisdom she decides to confronts Calum and then is offended when he says yes he did. Alicia and Calum are then in trouble for breaking the BB rules for discussing nomination but their punishment has not been revealed yet.

Kav calls Perez out for being afraid of the real Mario (Perez‘ real name) is.

Katie P asks Calum if he finds Cami attractive, which he does and a bit later they both have a touchy feely sesh but Calum reminds her she has a boyfriend and she said no my ‘sister’ and then she got defensive saying yeah well you have a ‘brother’. See I spotted that code from the very start!



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