CBB Pistols at Bed Time Wed 21st

CBB 2015 – Wed 21st Episode 

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

Patsy is up early and having a bad already. Then she has an even worse day when BB tells her that her task for the day is to lead the house in meditation which she thinks is a piss take of her lifestyle 

Alicia talks about her healthy diet, that she eats a lot of fruit and fills herself up on it. She then goes onto to talk about the ‘crap’ that is on food & drinks etc and even Calum joins in, on her side. I even agree with this, especially regarding sugar but that’s a whole another blog. Someone (I can’t tell who because they are all talking over each other) tries to make that point that people are now living until they are 70-80 but Alicia is quick to point out that that’s because they grew up during the war when it was basic natural non-processed food.

Patsy leads Calum, Cami, Alicia and Cheggars in meditation and Cami is laughing before Patsy even starts talking and Cheggars isn’t far behind but they complete the task and win….”Inner Peace”.

Fuck me! Perez is at it again dancing and performing in front of the mirrors, well we knew ‘normal guy’ Perez wouldn’t be here forever

Nadia is nervous about the live eviction (that isn’t) and Alicia is in the diary room saying she hopes she doesn’t get evicted because she feels she has a lot more to give and that she is starting to enjoy arguing with Katie H. Even though she thinks they are Bipolar opposites – no that’s not a typo, that’s what Alicia said “Bipolar”.

The housemates are all gathered in the living area to hear that Alicia, Nadia, Perez and Katie H are not up for eviction tonight but they remain in place for Frdays live eviction but there is BB’s evil twist. Katie P has to save a nominee and slay a fellow housemate to go in their place. She saves Katie H as the most entertaining and Perez clearly thought she was going to pick him. Katie P then says instead of picking someone less entertaining to put up for eviction she is going to put up the person she thinks will be least likely to be evicted when up for the public vote – Calum.

Alicia has one of her paranoid / dummy out the pram moments, to herself, that it’s not fair that Katie P chose to save Katie H because she knew that Alicia wanted to stay. I think it’s fair to say at this stage that she is used to getting her own way.

Perez is beyond delusional now because he thinks that the producers of CBB cancelled the live eviction because they want him to stay in, so they couldn’t risk an eviction in case he was voted out.

Perez has had a bit of cheese up his nose for the majority of night and then after he has revolted the whole house, he eats it, even Nadia told him it was disgusting. As the housemates unpack Katie H and Perez start going back to their old bickering & bitching ways. 

Kav comments that Perez is quite ripped to which Katie H chimes in that he has more back fat than a Blue whale. That is just nastiness for nastiness sake and for a moment we see the real Perez when he practically flinches with hurt because his body image is his Achilles heel. 

Cami gets a little jealous when she hears that Calum and Katie P have snogged and spat in each others mouths but Calum is quick to follow it up by saying they were both wasted.

Kav gets more than a little tipsy and in the diary room to say that he will be gutted if Calum goes because he hates Cheggars because he is a one trick pony, false, fake and pisses him off. Then he finishes with a little rant about Perez. 

When he comes out he tries to apologise to Cheggars, after he took offense to Kav swearing but Cheggars won’t except it and Kav then unloads about everything that niggles him about about Cheggars to Cheggars. A new battle line has been drawn in the sand.


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