CBB PEREZ is NOT OUT Fri 23rd Live Eviction

CBB 2015 – Fri 23rd Episode 

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

Friday Live Eviction, the crowd are chanting “Get Perez Out!” and after 16 days this is only the 2nd eviction.

Up for eviction Alicia (Crowd Boos) Callum (Cheers) Nadia (Boo) and Perez (Boos), I wonder if people realise though that Channel 5 do it so that you call up to vote TO SAVE YOUR FAVOURITE

Katie P is discussing her husbands sex addiction and how she can’t even trust him on a journey somewhere because he was even meeting up with people on the way somewhere to cheat on her. Alicia keeps going on about how “all men are bastards and why do you let him treat you like that?” Hang on Alicia, it sounds like you are the Queen of being walked all over by men.

Nadia joins the addiction discussion, and thinks the way that Kieran & Katie P have approached their relationship means that they will both get through it together. She then   says that she thinks Alicia still hasn’t resolved her surgery addictions.

Nadia and Perez discuss how inspiring and strong Katie P despite all that she goes through. That they admired her before meeting her in the house and speaking to her has only confirmed that she is a smart, strong woman with a good heart. 

Patsy and Michelle discuss whether they’ll be able to watch themselves, Patsy says that she doesn’t watch herself on anything because she finds it uncomfortable. The reason Michelle says she will be watching herself because she wants to make sure she stayed true to herself and behaved properly. From what we’ve seen so far I don’t think either will be disappointed.

Katie H and Alicia have a milk ‘debate’. Alicia says that she makes milk from Almonds every morning because cows milk is not well digested by the human digestive system. Katie H’s argument against Almond milk is a nut associated with Christmas. 

Katie P is in the diary room talking to BB about how she is still worried about what the public are thinking about her because she keeps talking about Ex’s but that’s because she doesn’t know these people and they are asking about her life. When she talks about the last year with Kieran, she finds that hard as a result of her actually still living through this heartbreak. She has to take a moment to compose herself. 

Katie P is quizzing Perez on his career and who his friends are. He says that his 5 best friends are ‘normals’, he’s doesn’t have proper celebrity friends because he has to respect professional distances. Like Katy Perry, they didn’t fall out but she got so famous that he had to cover her divorce etc and wasn’t prepared to call her up for the gruesome details.

Katie P took an overdose after Dane broke her heart, but she thanks him for breaking her heart so badly that it made her the strong. He was her only other one true love, after her current husband Kieran. Apparently Dane started acting weird and stopped taking her to events, so whilst he was away one week her mum came and helped her to clear the flat out of her stuff. 

Michelle has been impressed and surprised by Calum because he’s sweet and Goofy, Kav because he’s cute and a singer and Katie H as they have the same humour but she just doesn’t like Katie H ‘s execution. 

The house seems to think that either Perez or Calum will go. Even Calum thinks he is going to go but I think the cheers from the crowd have put his fears at bay for rest  another week. 

*Emma crosses to the house* Chants of “Get Perez Out!” and first the two who are safest to stay Nadia & Calum but leaving the house, thanks to the British public is Alicia apparently there was only 1% in it for the votes. Never thought I’d be saying this but Thank God Perez didn’t go because it looks like he planned to go out naked. Bluegrh! I don’t need to see any ones meat and two veg on a Friday night. Apparently they had blankets on star by in case he did.

Well Alicia came out to a mix of cheers and boos so I don’t think she’ll have too much of a tantrum / meltdown. My question would for her would be why are you wearing a peach skirt suit, from the nineties, as your eviction outfit? 

Alicia is gutted to be out but she’ll be pleased to see her kids. She divulges that she was worried as she came into the house to boos so it was nice to come out to some cheers. 
There was surprise that Michelle nominated her because she always claimed to say nothing behind your back but always to your face. 

Alicia describes her experience in the house as feeling like you are losing your mind and it’s very intense, especially Perez and Katie H. She feels she got on well with Perez as she finds him entertaining but did see he was annoying too. 

Katie H made her Alicia’s time in the house stressful with the awful things but towards the end of her time in the house she started to stick up for herself and there arguments became banter. 

Alicia wants Nadia and Cheggars to win. 

*NEWSFLASH* Cheggars is crying that Alicia has left *NEWSFLASH*

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