CBB – Evicton Re-Cap Sat 24th & Shopping Task / Bitchfest Sun 25th

CBB 2015 – Sat 24th & Sun 25th Episode 

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

Saturday 24th

Friday and there is pre-eviction chatter between Alicia, Nadia, Perez, Katie P, Kav and Calum about leaving the house to boos or cheers. 

Katie H has meanwhile been passing judge and jury on her other housemates, whilst sitting with Michelle.

Kav – Doesn’t even want to be in the entertainment industry.

Patsy – Hypochondria

Katie P – Just wants to find a man to love her forever

Calum – Wants the British public to forgive him for his past playboy antics

Alicia – Has body issues & desperate for a man 

Nadia – Still not happy with her weight.
Cheggars – you don’t become an alcoholic 

Perez – Narcissistic
Calum starts bitching with Katie H & Michelle about Katie P putting him up on for eviction as the least entertaining (Katie H informed him of that) and he says well “fuck me that I don’t want to tell everybody 35,000 times a day”.

Michelle slips off to advises Katie P to stop talking about her exes and just start letting people get to know about her.

Meanwhile it becomes clear that to the boys that Katie H has been stirring, so Calum asks Katie P to confirm whether or not she did say he was the least entertaining. They kiss and make up and Katie H has to find another argument to stoke.

Alicia goes to the diary room to discuss why she wants to stay in the house and she says she feels like she has grown stronger as a person and improved in her confidence. The bit that lets her down is “What else will you bring to the BB house if you stay” and her answer is  Honesty & Friendship. Lovely for the outside world but not entertaining for the house and viewing public.

Cheggars is called to the diary room for a secret mission to make the house laugh with jokes but whilst he is in the diary room, a message comes up on the lounge screen to 
tell the rest of the house that the real mission is for the house mates NOT to laugh. It is cringe worthy to watch but just like a car crash, couldn’t stop watching.

Katie H asks if Patsy if she would walk if she’d still got her pay cheque. Patsy says of course she would but then Katie H can’t stop asking the same question, over and over. Clearly she wants to break Patsy and then when Patsy just walks away Katie H announces to the rest of the room that she can’t get a straight answer from her. 

Nadia feels she can’t vent about Katie H’s Perez obsession because she doesn’t want to whinge about it to anyone else because if Katie H hears she’ll kick off, not only at Nadia but also the person she was confiding in. 

Eviction time soon comes around and Alicia is 2nd to leave the house, although they booed when Emma said her name, she actually left to at least as many cheers as boos.

Her departure has mixed reactions within the house, Cheggars bursts into tears as he is worried about her. Katie H is a sudden fan and thought they’d keep her in because she was ballsy and says she can’t believe Alicia lost out to Perez

Cami and Calum have a falling out because he told her not to be wound up by Perez and just all be adults. Cami  accuses him of censoring her but it’s all blown over after 5 mis and we are back to Tits & Touching.

Kav worries that Nadia is getting exhausted by Perez and she admits that sometimes she sits with him because otherwise he’s on his own, because she won’t allow that. Nadia is being a proper mummy for him.

Perez has been walking about in his dinosaur pants most of the night and has also added a wig. He says if he didn’t have son he wouldn’t be acting like this. Jesus, if this is how he acts knowing his kid could see it……. 

Sunday 24th

In this weeks shopping task has the been hacked and first up BB shows the housemates video clips of them bitching about each other. 

BB needs the housemates to help take the hacked system back by re-booting. 

When a corrupt audio file is played, the housemate that said that it has to own up and explain why they said it. 

First up is Perez saying that Calum has given everything he can give to the house so would probably go Friday.

Next was Calum bitching about Perez and his manipulation of BB and the rule book.

Perez runs straight off to the diary room, claiming that he won’t forgive and he definitely won’t forget. He is however surprised to hear what has been being said about him and it’s due to brainwashing by Katie H

‘Showmance’ is word that is now often the word that follows anything said about Calum & Cami

Nadia informs Perez that she is the only one that likes him, which appears to actually shock him. Then Patsy says that he is compromising Nadia’s happiness in the house.

The next task involves Nadia, Perez and Cami must complete the circuit by deciding who would come top in a public poll of the following

Most Two Faced – Perez / Correct

Most Sincere – Nadia / Calum

Most Genuine – Patsy / Michelle 

Most Boring – Kav / Correct 

Least Trustworthy – Kav / Cami Li
Most Entertaining – Katie H / Correct 

Most Unhygienic – Kav / Perez

Least Self-obsessed – Keith / Correct 

Failed the task because they don’t get all 8 right.

Nadia and Katie H have huge a row about being manipulated by Perez and said that Nadia agreed with everything in the task that Perez said. Michelle however is on Nadia’s side saying that she had said a number of times during the task that she disagreed with Perez a number of times. 

This then leads to Perez and Cami screaming and calling each other a bitch. Patsy drags Cami into the bedroom and Perez runs to the diary room to congratulate himself and tell the British public he doesn’t give a shit what they think of him.

Michelle confronts Perez on his arduous task of antagonising the whole house. His excuse is that KH says hurtful things about so many people. Michelle tries to encourage him to approach Katie H and just talk to her. He finally admits it’s all gone “shit to the walls” but doesn’t know how to sort it. 

In the next task Calum, Kav and Katie P have to wear memory helmets then watch a bitching show reel, which not only include clips from the house but comments from viewers. They then have to answer a question each about what they have watched. They get the answers right and pass the task but the arguments get worse.

Cami is pissed at Perez‘ comments about her ‘friendship’ with Calum and her ‘boyfriend’.

Perez accuses BB of using a fake tweet, that said mean things about him. He talks to BB via the Camera’s and mirrors about how when he leaves the house he will be telling everyone the real TRUTH.

They win the luxury shopping budget because they passed 2 of the 3 tasks. Me thinks these shopping tasks are too easy. 

Finally it wouldn’t be the end of an hour without Perez shouting ‘It’s the Perez show featuring Katie Hopkins‘ and him going into the diary room for a rage, again at BB, saying “Fuck you and your mothers” and “Fuck you and your fathers”.



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