CBB – Live Eviction and Re-Homing Tue 27th

CBB 2015 – Tue 27th Episode 

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

As well as a public vote tonight, BB has a (possible) evil twist for the Perez show, he will be going back into the house tonight but viewers will also vote tonight as to whether he gets a free pass to the final or is up for all evictions from here on out.

Before we find out who is going home tonight, in the 3rd eviction of the series, lets see what’s been going on.

Cami gives Katie P a dirty look in the bedroom and Katie P tells her if she has a problem with her then she should be saying it to her face. Cami has no witty, bend and snap comeback. Never underestimate the Pricey.

As BB’s Puppet Master Perez gets to grill Katie H in the diary under the guise of Viewers questions. Katie H says she is pleased that Perez walked as it showed the coward that he is. He also had her doing a bird impression. 

Perez got to take some fresh air in the garden, whilst the housemates are unwittingly shuttered inside. How he manages to keep his voice at a whisper I do not know. 

Patsy confides in the diary room that although she has enjoyed the house and made some life long friends, 3 week has been more than enough.

Calum and Cami discuss their ‘Friendship’ in the Kitchen which makes Patsy and Nadia confide in each other that they hope Cami doesn’t go home.

Meanwhile cabin fever is effecting the nominees and Perez, it’s just dawned on him that Nadia may be voted out because of her actions in protecting him.

Emma is in front of the house and the 3rd person to be evicted from CBB 2015 is Patsy, despite not stop chants of “Get Cami” out. Patsy is so pleased to be leaving I don’t think she even said a proper goodbye to Nadia.

The two housemates that had the most votes (to be saved) were Nadia and Katie H.

Patsy confirms that she is overjoyed to be out and feels like 21 years not 21 days. She thought everyone must have voted for her but when she is shown their reasons she looks a little hurt. Patsy says she is very different person to who she was 5-10 years ago so she didn’t want to get involved in other peoples arguments. 

She has a lot of love and respect for Cami and she says that she did confront Katie H about her toe curling comments about the North. 

Patsy says that Nadia is a really lovely strong person and compromised herself by sticking up for Alicia and Perez. She then finds out that Perez is still in a secret room and about to go back in the house Patsy just shrieks “What the Fuck!”

Perez is now in the diary room with a bottle of Prossecco in his hand and BB is showing him and the rest of the house, via the big screen, whats been going on. Katie H looks like she accidentally stuck her finger up a dogs arse and takes herself off to the Kitchen to sulk and Cami looks like she might burst into flames. 

Emma then speaks to the house and to tell Perez his fate at the hands of the viewers. He has been cursed with eternal nominations and there for is up for eviction for the rest of the remaining evictions. Katie H is still not impressed and looks like she may have just smelt one of Patsy’s farts. 

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