CBB – The Truth About Perez Mon 26th

CBB 2015 – Mon 26th Episode 

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

Perez is still talking about walking, even first thing in the morning and he tells Patsy that he doesn’t need the money so can easily just leave; before he goes to the diary room to tell them for the 100th time he wants to go. Once he’s been in there a while he says everything is telling him to quit but he doesn’t think its a good idea. 

Possibly because they are fed up with him coming to diary room every five minutes, BB devises a task for Perez to go back into the house and ‘stage’ a his own walk about before he goes into a secret room, in order to become the BB Puppet Master of the house. 

As he begins to pack his bags, Katie H is antagonising him until she can’t bear to not go and be smug, that he is leaving, to the the rest of the housemates. He then storms into the garden and leaves through the fire exit.

Katie H is bitching about the Perez tweet to Michelle but she is having none of it and is actually sticks up for both Nadia and Perez. Then after Perez leaves Katie H is then saying that the tweet was all about perspective and he let it get to him.

As the housemates discuss him walking and his state of mind, Perez listens to everything they say about him. He also gets to watch everyone make their nominations, which go as follows:

Calum – Nadia because she was friends with Perez
             Patsy because she doesn’t deal with the stress well

Keith – Patsy because she goes on about how awful it all is
           Kav because he likes a drink and had the other day he told him to fuck off

Katie P – Patsy doesn’t like to get involved in anything
               Cami is not a consistent person from day to night

Perez accurately predicts the next housemate to nominate 

Cami – Patsy fed up with hearing peace and love
           Nadia as great as she is, she is too negative

Nadia – Katie H Too Black and White
            Patsy because she wakes Nadia up between 5-6am

Michelle – Patsy, she loves her but she’s not in the room mentally
                 Nadia because she has control issues

Patsy – Katie H because she doesn’t like living with her opinions
            Nadia because she clashes with Katie H and she can’t live like that 

Kav – Patsy because she doesn’t bring anything to the house
          Nadiam, a Wonderful woman but made him feel guilty for not speaking to him 

Katie H – Patsy because she believes in peace and love but tired of living with Yoyko Ono 
                Katie P because she doesn’t side with anyone and or have any strong opinions

Katie P is explaining that a driver and a carer take Harvey to his special school in London, everyday, and that the government pay for that because he has special needs. she is thankful for that because it would cost £1000 a day otherwise. Katie H asks why she doesn’t pay for it out of her own money, as she must be able to pay for it. Katie P reply is excellent, She doesn’t know how much she is going to earn each year, it can vary drastically AND she pays her taxes on the money she does make so why shouldn’t she except help for Harvey.

Katie P and Nadia discuss how arguments start and Katie P says she has seen how certain people push other people buttons in order to get an argument out of it. She said it was hard to remain calm when Katie H was trying to argue with her about Harvey’s care.

Katie H, Nadia and Patsy are up for nomination but Perez has to pick one other from Kav, Cami and Katie P (they all tied with one vote each). He picks his favourite mean girl Cami Li. 

Housemates are told they will face nomination and Cami does not take the news well, on the other end of the spectrum is Nadia and Patsy who are over the moon to up for the public vote. I wonder though, if after a couple of days without Perez, they’ll still be so keen to leave. 

Cami Li thinks she knows who nominated her because they couldn’t look her in the eye and her ranting continues until Patsy & Nadia get her up singing and dancing. Nadia has had her first drink in ages and everyone is excited to see new fun her, everyone that is except for uber bitch Katie H.


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