CBB – Same Old, Same Old Wed 28th

CBB 2015 – Wed 28th Episode 

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

Katie H has stress and storms out because Keith is telling people about his ingrowing bum hair hole, after Katie P mentions her boob hole. Yeah I don’t understand it either but apparently he’s always talking about himself and that pisses Katie H off. 

In the snug Katie H & Michelle are bitching about Katie P, more so Katie H who thinks it’s all ‘Pricey’ act. Michelle is more diplomatic in saying she expected a big loud diva but instead she’s very much a girl next door. Meanwhile unbeknown to them she is telling Nadia that she is a very boring person, she just sits at home eating and watching telly until she has to go out and work. 

So Patsy left in the live eviction, which meant Perez went back into the house. Nadia could not believe her eyes, as she was the only one that believed that he had actually walked. Katie H couldn’t be any more fucked off PMSL and just keeps repeating “Will everyone just get their head out of Perez’ arse”. 

Cami gets all Ghetto in the diary room, mainly because we are seeing ‘Night time’ Cami but also because she is talking about Perez.

Michelle is crying in the bedroom, because she feels Perez is giving a false view of the LGBT community but then it comes down to what it’s really about and that’s that she could be up against him in the final 3 and lose out to him. Yes, that’s right, Michelle think she is going right through to the final and has done so since the beginning. I can’t tell if that’s a ballsy task to set yourself or plain old narcissism. 
Kav has had a little bit too much to drink and is all argumentative in Nadia’s face, and then is shocked  when she argues back. He then continues to shout “Left Wing” in her direction for the rest of tonight.

Perez then tells Nadia what Callum said about her ‘Heavy’ cooking, which then leads to an argument with Callum but it doesn’t stop there. She has a go at Katie H too, for being two faced. This is the Nadia that Patsy stopped us from seeing (because she was looking after her friend) but I think it’s the housemate the housemate needs. The other housemates are shocked at her behaviour though and that is in part because when they confront Perez what he has said about them, Perez sugarcoats it so it looks like she is over reacting. 

Perez and Katie H fall into their old familiar groove, shouting over each over and it’s tedious already. He’d be better suited to confronting other people and admitting what he has already told others he has said. 

It’s gone midnight and Perez is doing his ‘Perez show’ dance in his pants for the mirrors. Katie P and Cheggars are hiding out in the diary room, because of all the argument madness, they don’t dare look at anyone in case they get drawn into it.  



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