CBB Tactical Voting Thurs 29th

CBB 2015 – Thu 29th Episode 

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

This has been bothering me since yesterdays blog; So I’m  just going put it out there before I get started on todays but anyone else think that Katie H started being quite flirty with Perez when he was trying to lick & kiss her. At first I thought it was perhaps nervous laughter but the longer it went on……

Perez agrees that Katie H can pick his outfit if he can pick hers tomorrow. Nadia is calling it an uneasy peace and Calum seems to think that Perez took his two days out in the secret room as a time to reassess himself and come back as a better person.

Perez is then called to the diary room to speak to him about his unacceptable behaviour i.e. trying to lick and kiss Katie H’s face. BB tells him that although his behaviour didn’t offend her it was still against the BB Rules.

Katie P is debating whether to confront Katie H on slagging her off behind her back, saying that all she talks about is her family. Katie P mentions that she did come in to make new friends and so to her people she considered new friends being two faced annoys her. 

Kav, Calum and Katie H are talking about Cheggars, that Katie H has to have ‘the talk’ about what she has said about in him in the diary room. Still in denial about the general bitching behind his back within the house. 

Calum goes into the diary room 

Katie H gets her chance to face it out with Cheggars and Katie P at the same time, with Perez as a weird kind of mediator. Cheggars more than puts her in her place. Katie P makes a point that she does have opinions, after all she used to have the very same column that Katie H has in The Sun now.

Katie H is telling BB she is the alpha male of the house, giving the cubs a clip round the ear and telling the lionesses what to do. She’s not friends with any of the females because she doesn’t need to be. And thus we have confirmation that she is a fake bitch but hey it’s only a game but I think she may have disappointed some new ‘”Great British Public” fans who thought they were seeing a new / reformed / The real Katie H. 

So the simmering atmosphere in the house is about to go to boiling with 
Sorry this is so small but I can’t enlarge anymore because it blurs!
Up for the public vote is Nadia, Katie H, Cheggars and Perez. Michelle was the only one to not receive any votes.

Now just recalling earlier conversations that Katie H had with the rest of house, before nominations, she’s not breaking rules by saying put Cheggars up for eviction but she is definitely putting a huge seed in peoples mind of why he should be put up. And of course she would want him gone because as she sees it, he is her biggest competition in there because he is British TV Royalty.

Later we see her doing the same with Katie P, saying to Calum in front of Cami and Cheggars that she thinks Katie P is copping out each time she puts him up for eviction. I’ll be watching her conversations more closely now, on the lead up to next Tuesdays evictions, as it looks like she getting tactical.

Kav and Calum discuss Pricey’s outburst at Katie H during face to face votes and they hope Cheggars is OK with being up but he does sit on the fence. 

Meanwhile Katie P and Cheggars discuss him being up for eviction, he wasn’t surprised but Katie P was and doesn’t want to lose her BB husband. There is definitely an unlikely friendship blooming there.

Perez and Nadia are discussing Cheggars being up for eviction and Perez is worried that the viewers are “Sadistic Mother Fuckers” and will vote him out this Friday because he doesn’t get involved in the arguments. Cut to Cheggars in the diary room weeping because he thinking about if the public call up to save him, that it’s a massive boost for him.


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