CBB Live Eviction Results – Fri 30th

CBB 2015 – Fri 30th Episode 

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

It’s Friday’s live eviction and up for the public vote is Nadia, Perez, Katie H and Cheggars but before we find out who goes and who stays, let’s see what happened yesterday in the house. 

Two faced Katie H is talking crap to Cheggars about how if Perez hadn’t been awarded eternal nomination, Cheggars wouldn’t have even been up eviction. No Katie H he wouldn’t have been up for nomination if you hadn’t planted the seed in the house

Katie H and Katie P have barney about what Pricey said during face to face nominations. Katie P doesn’t back down and goes straight for the jugular and Katie H is very offended that Pricey said she hogs the limelight and then does the very same thing that she accuses Perez of doing…. walks out the room because she’s not winning the argument. 

BB throws a party for the Nominees and the first things I noticed was that Katie H has yet another sparkly dress, there must be a national shortage of sequins now, and that Calum didn’t seem to dance once. Everyone had a lovely time and got on for once. 

Nadia has a moment about missing her family, surprisingly it’s Cami that gives her a hug and drunk Kav gets stuck with Perez and his Perez show ‘How great am I” spiel. Then whilst the ladies are applying their fake tan, Kav comes into the bedroom to repeat back the conversation and cause up roar before bedtime. 

So the vote lines are closed and we find out who is safe and who is going home.  Nadia is out and for a couple of secs she’s not sure if she’s saved or going, because they changed the announcement format. Perez is crying like a bitch and when the doors open Nadia has mad moment screaming at the top of her lungs that she loves her family.

The first question that Emma asked was “How does it feel to go into cheers and leave to boos” and Nadia very matter of factually says she has always been a very like able person and people know that. 

Nadia agrees that Katie H is getting very tactical in the house. She says that the public need to get Perez out so that everyone can see what Katie H really is like. She also thinks that a lot of the housemates are scared of her because she has a Sun column.

Monday will be a live two hour special with Emma & Rylan, when one of the housemates will be leaving the house when Emma goes into the house to physically pull them out. 


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