CBB Freak Show – Sun 1st

CBB 2015 – Sun 1st Episode 

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

First thing to happen this morning is that Katie H and Cheggars make up, initiated by Cheggars, I wonder how long this will last on Katie H’s Part.

On Perez pointing out that it’s only Cheggar’s, Katie P and him in the Kitchen, Cheggar’s scurries off to the bedroom. Which disappoints me if I am honest. 

Then it appears Cheggars cleaning strike is over already and I don’t doubt this is so he curries favour with the Anti-Perez gang.

Katie H is complaining that she is over Katie P talking about her relationships and sex life and then sailing close to the wind says to Michelle “You saying that Katie P can now be part of our group, I’m not OK with that”. I’ve lost respect for Michelle for not standing up for herself then.

This weeks shopping task is a Freak Show with The 3 Little Pigs, The Two Headed Katie Monster, Mystic Michelle and the Singing Kavanagh Dummy.

First part is for The 3 Little Pigs have to eat 3 disgusting meals, second is the 2 Headed Katie monster which has to answer questions that have been taken from the answers anonymous questionnaires housemates filled in earlier. Next is Kavanagh The Singing Dummy has to sing out tweets that have been written about him by the public. Lastly is Mystic Michelle has to answer questions that housemates wrote about themselves earlier.

You’ll never guess but the Housemates passed this weeks shopping task and won the luxury shopping budget. Well that means there will be no starving housemates this series.

The housemates are rewarded with Freak Show Party and after all the drink is gone, Perez gets reflective about his time in the house and regrets ever signing up for the CBB experience.

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