CBB Live Surprise Eviction – Mon 2nd

CBB 2015 – Mon 2nd Episode 

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

Tonight’s CBB was a whooping 2 hours long and presented by both Emma & Rylan, this has the potential to be amazing! 

The evil twist tonight is the live Bombshell that when this weeks nominations are announced to the house, they go straight to the public vote for a housemate to be pulled out live by Emma. 

First we need to catch up with with what happened in the house yesterday: 

Perez is throwing beans at the wall and Katie H describes him as the child at school that didn’t get his ADHD meds and then says that she doesn’t believe ADHD exists. Much to her detriment as Katie P’s son has it and Cami & Michelle have been diagnosed with it. Then Perez says something about not having a hoover and having to use Katie H’s nose as one, which leads to the Perez & Katie H row that has been much overdue and results in Perez saying something to his detriment when he compares his ostracising to that of Aids Victims in the 80’s which really riles Michelle who has lost over 20 friends to Aids

The housemates are due to get their letters from home and are separated into four groups of two. They will go head to head in pairs and will have 30 second in which to press the button to save their letter. If they do press the button their opponents will lose their letters. If neither group presses the button then both pairs will lose their letters.

Perez & Katie P versus Michelle & Katie HPerez & Pricey decided to not push the button because they want Michelle to get hers. Michelle wants to press to get her letter but Katie H convinces her that its a BB twist and that they won’t lose there their letters. So neither pair got their letter.

Next was Calum & Cami versus Keith & Kav and it was clear from the start that Cami was going to press the button no matter what and there was going to be no competition from Kav & Keith because they knew how much Cami needed her letter. Cheggars also made the point that a letter from his family, at this stage, would probably make him feel worse. 

Calum tried to persuade Cami that if no one presses the button, then it means that they all don’t get a letter so that is fair all round and for the greater good but she was having none of it. After the task Calum went to the diary room to ask if Michelle could get hers instead of him but they denied that request. 

Michelle goes to the diary room to discuss the letter task and says that Cami was selfish for pressing the button but she understands why Cami did it. 

Calum got his letter, from his mum, and it was a poem by Kipling ‘IF’ and it touched a lot of the housemates. Cami was also from her mum and it had everyone in tears.

Back to tonight, and the housemates not only find out who is up for nominations but get to see the diary room footage of the nominations. 

The following are up for Nominations Katie P, Cami, Cheggars and Perez (Eternally up for nominations). Kav says something interesting that he wanted to put someone else up for eviction but BB wouldn’t let him ??? Anyway they still don’t know there is going to be an evictions tonight.

Now for the rest of yesterdays news….

Perez tells Calum that he thinks his mother was telling Calum a code in the poem. Michelle and Katie H are crying in the toilet, which makes Cami feel guilty but still doesn’t regret passing the button. 

The house is still dissecting the letters from home task and shock horror Katie H admits that she stitched everyone up with her theory about if they all didn’t press the button. 

And now for the last bit of live action…

BB has gone back to the house to let the nominees stand up and give their reasons for viewers to save them. To be honest they were all pretty lame and nothing was said that wasn’t expected. The journalists in with Rylan comment that Cami is Trailer Trash and always will be, they also call Perez limelight vacuum.

The housemates still don’t know tonight is a live eviction and its now time for Emma to go into the house and it’s Cami she is dragging out. No proper goodbyes just a quick wave as she is hauled out behind Emma.

Everyone is shocked, not that Cami has gone but that there was a surprised eviction tonight and that Emma came into the house to do it. 

In her post eviction interview Cami admits that going into the house she was really excited to meet Perez because she has been reading his blog for years but on meeting him disliked him pretty much right away.

On speaking about Calum she says that she already knew him before the show and that they are just friends.

Wednesday will be last eviction before the final and TWO people, all housemates are up for eviction now.

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