CBB The Beginning of the End – Tue 3rd

CBB 2015 – Tue 3rd Episode 

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

Michelle comments to Katie H & Cami that Cheggars is looking like he is ready to blow.

Kav gets a secret task to pretend he is so emotional today that and has to get hugs from 3 separate housemates, after telling them a sob story. Which he passed with merit, he even had Katie H convinced. 

We see the nominations we saw yesterday which resulted in Cheggars, Katie P, Cami and Perez up for eviction and Cami going in the live eviction. 

Interesting that some of the people, inc Calum, who nominated Katie P used the reason that because she came into the house late so doesn’t deserve a place in the final. For me, that it is the same cop out that they’ve blamed Katie P of doing whenever she put Calum up. 

Cheggars loses his temper with everyone because they are talking about their game plans, instead of feeling sorry for Cami being whisked out of a wall instead of getting her moment of glory in front of the crowd. Katie H then turns on him saying that he put her up for eviction and Calum then intercepts to explain what Cheggars is trying to say and ends up telling her “Let me Finish” and Katie H’s face at his insolence (as I’m sure she’ll see it).

The row continues when Calum checks if Cheggars is OK and then the Perez show interjects and goes, surprisingly, for Cheggars

Jesus, If I never hear the words “Own it” again it will be too soon.

Calum and Kav talk in the kitchen about Cami and Calum reveals that he is kind of pleased she has gone because he can now get a chance to be himself in the house, instead of worrying about and protecting her. 

Cheggars goes to the diary room to discuss how pissed off he is, and says he’s more than ready to rumble if someone wants him to.

Perez is now rowing with Michelle and Calum, while Katie P and Kav, about Katie H making Cami’s departure about her. Then Calum and Perez go head to head about Calum being a similar character to Patsy, taking himself out of the situation and UN Peacekeeper. 

Calum loses it on the scale of Cheggars did to Katie H and it ends with Calum dropping the C bomb. 

Then Michelle and Perez start rowing about being friends before and how they aren’t now….. and I don’t know because the rowing is getting so manic.

Katie P is just wandering about, drinking water, not saying a word and probably thinking “You mugs, less five days to go, I’m just trying to win this by being me”. She then makes the mistake of checking everything is OK in the bedroom because she heard banging and Perez starts banging on to her but she manages to evacuate herself swiftly. 

Calum comes back into the house from having a fag and Perez pipes up again and starts rowing with anyone but in particular Michelle. Bringing up Michelle saying she represents the LGBT community, but she says she meant she is the voice of the LGBT. I still don’t understand the concept even just as the spokesperson.

Katie P and Perez are in the bathroom and he says he hopes that the housemates don’t start turning against her and Cheggars. Katie P says she knows they want her out the house anyway and isn’t bothered.

We are left with a final thought for the night, from Calum in the diary room, for us to get Perez out the house. 


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