CBB Last Eviction Before Final – Wed 4th

CBB 2015 – Wed 4th Episode 

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

Let’s see whats been going on before we kick anyone out……

……..Katie H thinks that the row about LGBT with Perez has left Michelle upset this morning because he’s now put a spanner in mind that she won’t win now. Michelle, however is in the diary room explaining the real reason she feels upset and that’s because he said a mean, hurtful thing. 

Katie P is so desperate to keep out the rows that she is now brushing the hair on the back of the chairs. That or she’s about to do a Vanessa.

Weirdly Katie H & Perez are getting along and having “What is your favourite….” conversation whilst Michelle and Katie P look on like they’re watching a freak show.

Michelle is so pissed at the Get Along Gang, in the Kitchen that she goes to talk to Calum in the bedroom and asks if Katie H has been pulling the wool over her eyes. Calum diplomatically says that during a final people will change and do what they need to do to win but whether that’s the real them, you’ll never know that until you meet on the outside when it’s finished. 

Katie H is now bitching about Michelle in the diary room, saying that she can tell that Michelle is pissed off with her for being friends with Perez now. Again she reiterates that it’s because Michelle feels that it is a threat to her being in the final. I believe Michelle in this instant, that she’s pissed because she is realising that perhaps Katie H wasn’t a true friend after all. 

Calum and Kav have a chat in the Garden about who might go and Kav is convinced that it’ll be him and Katie P. Meanwhile Katie P is in the bedroom saying she thinks she will go but Michelle reminds her that she is loved by the public. 

So tonight the whole house is up for eviction tonight and it turns out that Kav is psychic because it’s Kav that is the first of the last two housemates to be evicted from the house before the final on Friday. 

Now if Kav had been as a character as he is in this eviction interview, I think he still would be in but I don’t know who would have gone instead.

What the housemates remaining in the house don’t know is that it’s a double eviction but they’re about to find out ….

Emma is finishes with Kav and makes her way back to the house….the second housemate to be evicted tonight is Perez!! I am honestly shocked I thought they’d keep him in until the end. Excellent, this will hopefully prevent Katie H from winning as without Perez she should show her true colours. Good Luck Cheggars.

Perez says that he isn’t gutted that Katie H is still in the house. He says that the reason he chose to do British CBB is because for 10 years he’s just been a blogger and he wanted the fans to see what he’s like in the flesh. 

He goes onto admit that the Perez show was somewhat put on but more as a defence mechanism. His only regret is actually going into the house because it was so traumatic and had to have sleeping tablets prescribed for the last week and a half.

When Emma asks if he purposely got under peoples skin, and he admits that he did specifically Katie H but a lot of the time in was reactionary. 

Emma finishes by saying that he was the best housemate, in her view, that they’ve had in years. Perez surprisingly says that he wants Calum to win! 

And I’ll say this, with this turn of events, that I think Katie P and Calum have a really good chance of winning this. Michelle could only pull it out the bag with the gay vote but I think everyone is disappointed that she has become Katie H’s bitch and unless she calls her out on it she’s not a worthy winner.


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