CBB Last Catch Up This Season – Thu 5th

CBB 2015 – Thu 5th Episode 

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

It’s the morning before the nights surprise double eviction and the last catch we get before tonight’s live final. 

Michelle is in the diary room questioning herself whether Katie H is really her friend and can now clearly see that she has been playing a game but doesn’t like that she has been playing people within the house, as pawns. 

Katie H and Perez are in the bedroom (That will be the bedroom that she never slept in – thanks for neglecting to inform us of that)  discussing why everyone is doing their own thing today, and Katie H thinks it is because housemates are no longer depending on votes from each other and it’s now everyman for himself for the final

Eamon Holmes is in the task room for CBB News debate. Perez, Cheggars and Katie H are on the panel, with Calum, Katie P and Kav. 

Katie H is asked if she is now being nice to Perez in order to stay in the house, which she denies. Cheggars gets irate about being called ‘Switzerland’ after he says that he think that Katie H & Perez are the biggest actors in the house. 

Perez has a little stir, knowing that Michelle is feeling unsure of her relationship with Katie H at the moment. Katie H is nearly explodes when Michelle says that if has been playing everyone the whole time, then she deserves to win because she has played the game perfectly. Katie H’s reaction is to tell everyone to do one and whilst Calum and Michelle are trying to say that they don’t think she has and has been truthful with them, She just keeps shouting over them “Do One”. 

As Calum and Kav explain that they have acted as themselves without the need to elbow and climb over people. Katie H also takes this as a personal attack.

James Jordan joins the panel, with Katie P, Calum and Kav. He goes straight for Perez saying he thinks he’s absolutely vile.

He tells Katie P that the public might be getting bored because they were expecting more drama. Katie P admits they probably haven’t got their moneys worth, as she has been boring. Then Katie H shouts something from the bench and Katie P goes completely off at her swearing and everything. 

Eamon then shows Katie P a show reel of her talking about her sex life, Calum defends her saying in here you have to tell a story a few times in the hope that one of the times it will make the hour show cut, so people can hear your side of the story. Katie P turns to Calum to ask if she is boring when they’ve been out on the town together. Before he even answers Katie H is shouting “yeah but you’re boring in here”, that gets Katie P’s goat and she calls Katie H “a boring old slag”. Go Pricey! 

The panel has changed again and now it’s made up of Cheggars, Perez and Michelle. Eamon asks them if they think deserve to win? Michelle’s response is that places in the final are deserved they are earned by popularity.

Eamon then asks why Michelle is representing LGBT and she responds that she is in a privileged situation that means she can get across a message that might not otherwise be heard.

Jim Davidson then joins the debate via the telephone to sum up the housemates and his views about each one is: Kav – Has proved he is human, Katie P – She’s not dull, Calum – George Best will be proud. Katie H – Wrong footed everyone, Cheggars – Is so likable, Michelle – One of the nicest people to watch ever. 

Cheggars and Perez are talking in the Kitchen, Cheggars says that he saw a lot more of the bad side of certain housemates during the debate and it wasn’t pleasant to watch heart strings being pulled. 

The house are gathered in the seating area to hear that the 6th housemate to be evicted is Kav, and Calum looks like a piece of his heart broke when he heard Kav’s name. Twenty minutes later, just as Katie P admits she needs a nervous poo, Perez is finally out of the house. Everyone including Cheggars are cheering and fist pumping that he has gone. 

Katie H looks dumbfounded and I think that in her mind she was up against Perez into the final and that if he has gone, there is a chance she’ll be next. The other housemates are discussing the very same. 

Katie H is in the diary room, claiming that she feels awkward about being in the final because she has allowed herself to show her nicer side. I don’t think she is aware of the meaning of those to words. Then she does her nicer side crocodile tears. 

Everyone is super chuffed that they are in the final and happy that it shows (If you ignore Katie H being one of them) nice people can be winners too. 

The show ends with BB saying Goodnight to the housemates in the bedroom, which quite possibly made them even more happy than finding out they are finalists. 


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