CBB LIVE FINAL Whoop! Whoop! – Fri 6th

CBB 2015 – Fri 6th Episode 

*You are reading a CBB Blog – Please excuse swearing & views you may find offensive*

The very last highlights, from today and Katie P has had to leave the house because her boob is basically stinking, to see a doctor, but Katie H is of the opinion that Katie P shouldn’t come back to the house for the final, as she wasn’t in from the start. Michelle and Calum join in the bitching but Cheggars is dying for Pricey to win just to piss them all off.

Weirdly the housemates are still washing their clothes in the bath?! You’re going home tonight, whats so urgent? It can’t be your eviction outfit because it won’t be dry in time!

At the last supper Calum makes a speech and says that he thinks everyone deserves to be in the final, erm that’s not what you said earlier. Katie H does her nonsense about thank you for seeing me for who I really am – blah blah blah. Playing the game to the end. The others were very diplomatic with their speeches. 

I don’t know what Katie P’s hair dresser has done with her hair tonight but looks like it’s trying to escape from her head. Also looks like everyone has seat with the hairdresser tonight.

First person out in 5th Place is …… Michelle Visage, I’m honestly shocked she went soon. 

Let’s hope Katie H is next. 

In 4th place is…….. Cheggars! Another shock if I am honest, I thought he’d be top 3. And he’s in tears before he’s even been papped.

So we are down to the Top 3 Katie H, Katie P & Calum and I hope that’s the order they come out in.
Third, and most gutting, place goes to …………… Calum! No way this is madness! Especially as Katie P might hyperventilate to death.
And the winner of CBB 2015 is Katie Price YES! YES! YES! and she is honestly shocked and now in fall blown panic attack mode. 

In other news she has on the same shoes I wore as a Bridesmaid, they’re from Debenhams.

So Katie Hopkins has come 2nd and as my nephew would say “2nd is just coming last first”

Katie H thinks her success is down to Perez being such a twat and doesn’t think she would have made it this far without him. 

Now for Katie P to come out and Emma points out that Katie P is honestly shocked to have won and she gets to explain that she has been on Antibiotics & Painkillers whilst she was in there (For a leaky boob). That’s why she didn’t get pissed then. 

Cheggars is so chuffed that Katie P has won and she is happy to have made a good friend of her TV husband. 

I’ll will end this blog with those immortal words “Never Underestimate The Pricey”

PS. If you’re wondering where you are going to get your Reality TV fix from now, Channel 5’s 10,000BC is looking like it has the potential to be as much of a roller coaster ride as CBB 2015! Oh and I’m writing a blog about that too 😉


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