10,000BC – Episode 3 Hunger & Cold

10,000 BC Episode 3

*For a brief background to the show and a who’s who please scroll to the bottom.

A friend of mine made the comment that the advert for 10,000BC looks like a Blair Witch style horror……I have a feeling that over the next couple of days the show may live up to that comparison. 

Day 5 & 6

Paul and Rachel are up and preparing breakfast for the tree but it’s hard work given that there are barely any rations left.

Kym has had to take what is left into her tent, in order to protect the rations and ensure that they are used wisely. Steve is impressed with her pro-activeness and considers her a valuable asset to the tribe. 

Paul B has set more Boar traps but they are yet to catch anything in them but before Klint left the group a couple of days ago he did tell them about a large lake that not only contains fish but there are also water plants can be used as materials for shelter and baskets etc.

Steve, Mike, Rachel, Alice and Paul W go on an expedition to find the lake but it’s takes them 3 hours to find it and no one knows the direct route. The word map comes up again but is quickly dismissed. 

On sighting the lake Mike, Paul W and Rachel go for a skinny dip to have a wash. I feel sorry for Alice she must have been mortified at seeing her parents just strip off in front of near strangers. 

Mike and Steve make some fishing rods  and lines out the available reeds and willow but the fish are proving to heavy and they are unable to land any fish in 2 hours of daylight left.

The rest of the tribe are back at camp, sitting around and thinking about their stomachs. They are also expecting the explorers to come back with fish.  I’m feeling hungry just watching this.

They all arrive back at camp with the news they didn’t get any fish, luckily one of the tribe manages to knock up a ‘soup’ out of some of the rations and foraged acorns. 

The next day the entire tribe are exhausted and it’s decide that they should all remain at the camp in order to recover  and then return to the lake the following day. I don’t see the sense in this because the sooner they get food the sooner the exhaustion is remedied but who am I to speculate such things sat in my nice warm house.  

JP and Paul B go out to harvest burdock and JP doesn’t stop talking. Paul B points out that if he put as much effort into harvesting as he did talking he’d have pulled loads up by now. 

Terri and Oliver are also out foraging but Terri is feeling as weak as Kym. Oliver has survival skills that mean that they are successful but he’s yet to convince Terri that this is a worthwhile adventure into the Stone Age.

Back at camp Kym has collapsed and one of the production doctors attends, to check her over. She is advised to rest and eat but there in lies the problem. They are only getting one meal a day and it’s only a handful of food. Kym is starting to look like she might walk and she is one of the strongest.

Steve has designed a new hook, that he hopes will make tomorrows fishing trip a success. Steve and Paul W plan to take some of the stronger members of the tribe to go with them to sit and weave with all the willow that is available.

Day 7

The temperature dropped below freezing for the first time last night, which meant most of the tribe were unable to sleep. This has only added to Kym’s anguish. Steve calls a tribe meeting to only let everyone to express how they are feeling but for the ones coping better to offer moral support and empathise. 

Today’s fishing trip is assembled and made up of Tom, Paul B, Paul W, Alice, Jodie, Rachel and Emily. As they make there way to the lake, following rock arrows Steve laid, all anyone can hear is Paul B bitching and moaning about their ‘Shit’ tracking skills. It all comes to a head when it starts delaying the group getting there and both the Pauls butt heads again. The outcome being there was only one, out of a number of, tracking skills that they hadn’t used yet. He continues on muttering on under his breath because he is such a know it all. He didn’t even go to the lake the other day. If I was as hungry and tired as these guys are I’d be telling him to zip it and jog on but less politely

Today even Mike has had to stay behind at camp because he is so lethargic, he can’t even face fire wood gathering. Instead he prepares acorns for the tribe, which have to be broken up and then rinsed in the stream for 2 DAYS before they become edible. 

Kym has managed a 3 hour nap but feels no better. Mike gives her the ‘Mike S&S Moral chat’ and hug to try to stop her walking and finally he seems to convince her to stay one more night and see if they catch some fish. Me thinks that Mike has a special soft spot for Kym.

However, Kym goes to sit around the fire and tells the others that she only told Mike that she might stay to get him off her back. She’s “fucking walking”.

Most surprisingly of all is that Terri and Ollie are also stuck in camp with exhaustion. Their positive aura has all but faded and Terri wants to walk too. Unfortunately Ollie feels that as they entered this experience as a couple it would only be right to leave the as one, which means Ollie  and his skill will go as well, because he only wanted to experience this as a couple.

Tom, Paul W, Jodie, Alice, Emily and Rachel are weaving fish traps whilst Steve has made a new line with horse hair and better hook. Paul B has fashioned a stone age crab line too but after 2 hours they still haven’t caught anything. 

With less than an hour left before they must return to camp Steve suddenly catches a Crayfish and then three more; But so joyous in his accomplishment he wastes time he could be catching more by showing the rest of the group his poxy four crayfish. You’d get more in a Pret A Manger Crayfish sandwich. 

With daylight starting to fade they lay their fish traps in the lake and Steve sacrifices his last piece of venison jerky as bait. The group then head back with their big catch, in the hope of boosting the tribes moral

Sadly on their return to camp they hear talk of not only Kym wanting to walk but Ollie & Terri too. Steve and Paul B are hell bent on trying to convince Kym to stay but a camp fire meeting is called for Ollie to announce that he, Terri and Kym are going tonight.

The camp are definitely feeling the loss of the stronger and more positive members of the group and the tribe are now down to 15 members. 

Oh and Bobby – All of seem him do over the last three days is sit in camp either playing with his hair or wiping his nose on leaves, at least there has been no more cries of “We’re going to die out here” , that I’ve heard anyway 

I’d like to see more of Melissa & Kam, Hopefully they’ll appear in tomorrows episode. 

What is 10,000BC about?

20 volunteers, from a cross section of people of the 21st Century, were sent into  a Bulgarian hunting reserve, similar to prehistoric Britain, to survive 8 weeks in the Stone age, without any help from 2014 (Filmed through October & November 2014)

The chosen ones for the experiment, from a cross section of modern day Britain are: 

Rachel Harding – Education Assessor (Mother of the Camp / Organised)
Paul Wilshurst – Fence Contractor (Stubborn But Hard Worker)

Emily Harding – Graphic Designer                                                      > The Harding Family

Mary Harding – Student
Alice – Restaurant Maitre D’ (Willing to help out every day)

Paul Barnes – Lorry Driver  (Wanna be Bear Grylls and someone that clearly lives on his    
                                            own for a reason) 

Mike Soumelides – Simms  – Firefighter (All round handy guy to have around and always                 
                                                                 positive. Has a degree is hugs)

Josie & Jodie O’Rourke – Bookmaker / Event Manager ( Mother & Daughter )

Steve Nicholson – Archer (Amateur survivalist / Tribe Leader / Strategist)

Aamer ‘Bobby’ Hussein – Council Duty Manager (“We’re gonna die out here” / Self  
                                                                               Proclaimed Lazy)

Tom Reader – Digital Content Creator (Keen team member/ not shy of hard word work/        
                                                            Nature Lover)

John Paul Mullen (JP) – Club Promoter (Looked like he might walk to begin with but has           
                                                                knuckled down and getting on with it / Chatterbox)

Kam Khaira – Housewife & Shopkeeper

Melissa Selling – Prop Maker

Perry Brookes – Landscape Gardener (Geezer) – WALKED

Kym Hall – Marketing Manager (Strong, Organised, Natural Leader) – WALKED

Oliver Farr – Electrician (Terris’s Boyfriend / Survivalist Skills / Keen to Try Anything and        
                                     Embrace Stone Age Life) – WALKED
 Terri Perry – Florist (Oliver’s Girlfriend/ Positive Person / Kind & Caring) – WALKED 

Caroline Mortimer – Retired Secretary (Stone Age enthusiast) – UNABLE TO CONTINUE 
                                                             POOR HEALTH


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