10,000BC – Snow Day Becomes a Duvet Day Episode 5

10,000 BC Episode 5

*For a brief background to the show, a who’s who, and who is still participating  please scroll to the bottom.

Day 11 & 12

Winter has arrived early, it’s cold and wet, and the tribes new supplies are already running low. 

Food that could be foraged from trees and bushes is dwindling too. The Harding Girls are tasked with foraging whatever is left in the field. Rachel comments that she signed the family up for this because she wanted to see what her limit was but also to ensure she’d brought the girls up to be strong people too. It’s looking like the girls are far more hardy than the parents(Pardon the pun). 

That night it drops well below freezing and in the morning it’s snowing. More of the stronger members are looking like they are going to walk, in the form of Paul W and Rachel (Mummy Harding), the girls try to persuade them otherwise.

JP makes the genius move of keeping a couple of rocks in the fire so that he can wrap it up and use it as a hot water bottle. 

At production HQ they need to make a decision whether to pull the experiment. The medics and Klint attend the camp to assess the situation and condition. The snow is so heavy that the weight of it is snapping Oak branches. In the short time that the crew are in the camp to assess and evacuate, the conditions become so bad that it’s difficult to get out of the woods in 4 x 4. The decision is made to evacuate the tribe from the camp.

The tribe are taken to the production base camp 40 minutes away, in a lodge type hotel, Whilst the production team consider how to continue. They are given fresh clothes, showers and toilets.

Steve tells a story of when he was in Indonesia on a sinking Ferry, with a friend called Caroline. He thought that he was going to die, when the ship capsized in the night. They were too tired to swim to shore so had to tread water until the the following afternoon when they were rescued. A total of 200 people drowned and they were only 2 of 40 survivors. 

It’s the story that the tribe needed to hear, for perspective and encouragement but sadly it wasn’t enough to keep the Harding family from walking. 

All that is left of the tribe is Steve, Paul B, Mel, JP, Josie (who has rejoined the tribe), Jodie and Mike, just seven but they are more determined than ever to return to the experiment, as soon as it is safe to.

Day 14

Two days of snow and the camp has been completely cut off but it has stopped snowing, so the production team go back out to camp to see if it will be possible to return to the camp at all. Not 10 minutes unto the journey back and the road is tree that is fallen due to the weight of snow. Once they clear that they continue to the camp, thinking the worst, that the snow will have destroyed the camp. The Stone Age gods have shone upon them and it’s all intact.

Klint puts the tribe through a Stone Age boot camp, to ensure that they will this time have the full compliment of skills to see the rest of the experiment through. 

Day 16

Klint speaks to the group about leadership, and he takes Steve to one side to tell him that he needs to be more assertive and Steve couldn’t be more over the moon about that being given that task.

Day 19

The snow has now thawed, the radio frequency is back up and the experiment is back on. Klint and Dave (Fellow survivalist) will spend the first four days with  the tribe. 

Part of the rations is a live rabbit that is so that experience  that some animals that have been trapped may not be dead. Clint wants the tribe to be able to kill the animals humanely.  

Again, in Klints eyes, the key to the experiment being successful is if they can get the fire started. Paul B takes the task on and with the bow drill gets it going much faster than when they first arrived in camp. 

JP is still going down the individual route, as the rest of the group work as a team, which causes Paul B to voice his opinions on the matter.

Paul B then, on his high horse, says he has found some contraband, a torch, and is seriously fucked off. He is talking of walking because he isn’t happy that people are taking it as serious as him. The tribe take the blame as a group (bar Paul B) as a team would. 

They agree to Paul B’s suggestion, that they all gather up their contraband off camera to pass to the production crew. 

The matter isn’t put to bed though and has caused another deep rift, Paul B is disappointed that his ‘family’ were willing to cheat and the rest are pissed that he grassed them up. 

To be fair, the contraband was nothing that was going to let them get ahead in the Stone Age game and considering the amount of interventions that have had to take place is a tube of toothpaste or a broken torch going to make the experience any less 10,000BC than it has already?!

What is 10,000BC about?

20 volunteers, from a cross section of people of the 21st Century, were sent into  a Bulgarian hunting reserve, similar to prehistoric Britain, to survive 8 weeks in the Stone age, without any help from 2014 (Filmed through October & November 2014)

The chosen ones for the experiment, from a cross section of modern day Britain are: 

Paul Barnes – Lorry Driver  (Wanna be Bear Grylls and someone that clearly lives on his    
                                            own for a reason) 

Mike Soumelides – Simms  – Firefighter (All round handy guy to have around and always                 
                                                                 positive. Has a degree is hugs)

Josie & Jodie O’Rourke – Bookmaker / Event Manager ( Mother & Daughter )

Steve Nicholson – Archer (Amateur survivalist / Tribe Leader / Strategist)

John Paul Mullen (JP) – Club Promoter (Looked like he might walk to begin with but has           
                                                                knuckled down and getting on with it / Chatterbox)

Melissa Selling – Prop Maker

Rachel Harding – Education Assessor (Mother of the Camp / Organised)
Paul Wilshurst – Fence Contractor (Stubborn But Hard Worker)

Emily Harding – Graphic Designer                                                      WALKED

Mary Harding – Student
Alice – Restaurant Maitre D’ (Willing to help out every day)

Perry Brookes – Landscape Gardener (Geezer) – WALKED

Kym Hall – Marketing Manager (Strong, Organised, Natural Leader) – WALKED

Oliver Farr – Electrician (Terris’s Boyfriend / Survivalist Skills / Keen to Try Anything and        
                                     Embrace Stone Age Life) – WALKED
 Terri Perry – Florist (Oliver’s Girlfriend/ Positive Person / Kind & Caring) – WALKED 

Caroline Mortimer – Retired Secretary (Stone Age enthusiast) – UNABLE TO CONTINUE 
                                                             POOR HEALTH

Aamer ‘Bobby’ Hussein – Council Duty Manager (“We’re gonna die out here” / Self  
                                                                               Proclaimed Lazy) – WALKED

Tom Reader – Digital Content Creator (Keen team member/ not shy of hard word work/        
                                                            Nature Lover) – WALKED

Kam Khaira – Housewife & Shopkeeper  – WALKED


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