10,000BC – Episode 10 The End Is Nigh

10,000 BC Episode 8

*For a brief background to the show, a who’s who, and who is still participating  please scroll to the bottom.

Four days to go……

Day 48 – 4 days to go

Mike is still in but remains in the medic tent. The rest of the tribe are discussing how much they miss him and not just his skills but his company, they say it seems quiet without him. They also discuss how it’ll be a shame if he has got this far, to then not make it to the end.
Without Mike there is more work for the tribe cleaning camp, collecting wood and foraging which leaves Mel feeling like a single parent, as she and Mike have slipped into the roles of camp Mum and Dad.

Mike is awaiting blood tests, to see if his liver is responding to treatment. If not his journey is over and we’ll all be gutted for him. Good old Roxy the medic visits him in the sickbay tent and the news is…….he’s back in the Stone Age game. The tribe are understandably chuffed to see him walk back in and I’m sure Mel breathed a sigh of relief.

With Mike back in the camp Mel, Josie and JP go out to forage for mushrooms. Josie is struggling to keep up in part because she every tree she tries to hold onto snaps or falls over and she’s not the only one having trouble with the forest. JP decides to entertain the girls with a bit of tightrope walking across a fallen branch over a pond. No sooner does Mel say “Don’t get wet, It’s not worth it” then the branch snaps and JP is in the freezing drink. It was hilarious to watch, so check out You Tube because someone must have uploaded it by now.

Day 49

During the the night the temperature dropped further (like it does in winter) and it is now  -7 degrees, the tribe have awoken to the Ice Age. Josie went to do her morning pee and found her ‘natural’ toilet roll the had turned to ice leaf. The commentator mentions that since Paul left they’ve decided to give up on trying to hunt. I was under the impression that they gave up on the hunting way before that. 

The ice rain has frozen everything that could be foraged out the ground and the only thing left is frozen berries. Thankfully the Sloe’s are like crack to the tribe so they can carry on picking them way past when the frostbite crept into their fingers.

The tribe decide to take part in Stone Age hobbies and mark their time there with some cave art. They first prepare some ‘paint’ using charcoal, berries, mud etc. The with the  temperature still as low as -3, they need to take a Horseshoe mushroom to carry an ember so they can make a fire in the cave Mel found, to keep them warm whilst they paint.

Josie and Jodie use the method of chewing charcoal to mix it with saliva to then spit over their hands (that are the ‘stencils’). This looks like someone has taken the piss out of them and pranked them into using this method but I’ve checked with my twitter friend and Archaeologist @archaeosarah and she has confirmed this was a geniune method. Mike and Mel also leave little quotes that have become important to them since their experience. JP draws a cock and balls – of course he does lol.

Day 51

Mel, Mike and JP pay a final visit to the lake, on their last day. It’s nice to see not much changes at the lake because when they check the fish nets there is only one crayfish. It looks so cold in that lake I’m surprised the fish weren’t rushing to get out of the lake via the fish net. Mike and JP have a Brokeback Mountain moment whilst they discuss how far JP, in particular, has come.

Back at camp Josie and Jodie are preparing the final meal for camp. As they do they talk about how they know that most people didn’t think they make it more than a few days (even without heels). Oh yes! Who can forget those wedges on the first day lol but you have to admit it they were the most glamorous stone age women since Wilma and Betty from the Flintstones. 

Whilst it’s been said by some people on social media, that they only got to the end because they didn’t work as hard as the others. Well that’s not true – they did what ever they were good at and if that was cleaning camp then that was their valuable contribution. After all no one wants to come back from a day foraging to find the fire out and the place in a mess. 

Let’s also consider the editing, for all we know Josie & Jodie could have been building traps and hunting all day, everyday. In any ‘community’ there are ranges of activities that people participate in. The varying degree’s of participation are what make the community work. If everyone works really hard, to the point of exhaustion, who then cooks the dinner and keeps them safe and warm?!

After dinner they build a bonfire that seems to signify their journey, they all take turns to discuss their journey individually. JP apologises for his bratty behaviour at the start and the tribe start to say “Oh, you don’t have to ..” but good old straight talking Josie pipes up “Well he does a bit” lol.

Day 52

Klint makes a surprise visit to camp, this is the first time he has been back since the ‘reboot’ not only is he impressed with the adjustments they made to the camp and how they prevented wasting the 2nd deer (as they did the first one). 

The one thing he was disappointed with was that they adopted the bunker method of working to an end date and not learning from trial and error. 

Overall though Klint is more than happy with they how they have done and given the circumstances have coped really well. 

And with that, it was time for the tribe to leave the camp for the final time, however what they weren’t aware of is that they would need a 3 day re-familiarisation with the 21st Century otherwise their health could suffer significantly. Bet they were over the fucking moon about that! 

They are back at the lodge they were evacuated too during the severe snow but this time they won’t have to nick the biscuits and 

Using the same systems used for bringing refugees out of famine, Roxy first  weighs them to compare their weight to when they came in, to see exactly how much they have lost. Due to the amount of weight they have all lost, they have to be slowly introduced back into 21st Century food and portions or risk Cardiac arrest. That’s me sold for Series 2, where do I sign….lol.

After their first meal they finally get to shower and to call home. Mike seems to have called a school with the most complicated automated system and JP can’t even get into his phone anymore because it doesn’t recognise his thumb print.

Finally the tribe are allowed to fly home and they look gorgeous again…….cue emotional VT’s of them going home to their families. The extra good news is that, that included JP seeing his mum. 

But this is not the end, as far as the blog and tribe are concerned, a lot of those involved in 10,000BC wanted to give something back to everyone that supported them through social media over the last six weeks and also the chance to give their side of the story. 

So there will be extra parts added to the blog (I’ll tweet each time) with all the information they want to share. If you enjoyed the show, or even if you were disappointed, you are going to want to read this…..

Please just bear with me, because believe it or not I don’t just write this blog lol. Incase you don’t check back in for the 10000BC extras – Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. It’s been one of the more fun reality show blogs to write because of all the interaction. 

What is 10,000BC about?

20 volunteers, from a cross section of people of the 21st Century, were sent into  a Bulgarian hunting reserve, similar to prehistoric Britain, to survive 8 weeks in the Stone age, without any help from 2014 (Filmed through October & November 2014)

The chosen ones for the experiment, from a cross section of modern day Britain are: 

Mike Soumelides – Simms  – Firefighter (All round handy guy to have around and always                 
                                                                 positive. Has a degree is hugs)

Josie & Jodie O’Rourke – Bookmaker / Event Manager ( Mother & Daughter )

John Paul Mullen (JP) – Club Promoter (Looked like he might walk to begin with but has           
                                                                knuckled down and getting on with it / Chatterbox)

Melissa Selling – Prop Maker (Possible contestant for Where’s Wally?)

Paul Barnes – Lorry Driver  (Wanna be Bear Grylls and someone that clearly lives on his    
                                            own for a reason) – EJECTED BY THE TRIBE
Steve Nicholson – Archer (Amateur survivalist / Tribe Leader / Strategist) – WALKED

Rachel Harding – Education Assessor (Mother of the Camp / Organised)
Paul Wilshurst – Fence Contractor (Stubborn But Hard Worker)

Emily Harding – Graphic Designer                                                      WALKED

Mary Harding – Student
Alice – Restaurant Maitre D’ (Willing to help out every day)

Perry Brookes – Landscape Gardener (Geezer) – WALKED

Kym Hall – Marketing Manager (Strong, Organised, Natural Leader) – WALKED

Oliver Farr – Electrician (Terris’s Boyfriend / Survivalist Skills / Keen to Try Anything and        
                                     Embrace Stone Age Life) – WALKED
 Terri Perry – Florist (Oliver’s Girlfriend/ Positive Person / Kind & Caring) – WALKED 

Caroline Mortimer – Retired Secretary (Stone Age enthusiast) – UNABLE TO CONTINUE 
                                                             POOR HEALTH

Aamer ‘Bobby’ Hussein – Council Duty Manager (“We’re gonna die out here” / Self  
                                                                               Proclaimed Lazy) – WALKED

Tom Reader – Digital Content Creator (Keen team member/ not shy of hard word work/        
                                                            Nature Lover) – WALKED

Kam Khaira – Housewife & Shopkeeper  – WALKED


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