Open Letter To PJ School Run Haters

Dear All

I wear pyjamas on the morning school run and I am neither lazy, a skank dragging her kid up and actually I’ve done more than my fair share of ‘honest days work’ but thank you for being so judgemental. It’s a lovely quality to teach your children.

Before I go any further I’d like to say that I don’t disagree with the letter that Kate Chisholm, Headteacher of Skerne Park, had to send out to parents. We SHOULD be trying to set the right example to our children but you’ll note that I used the word ‘trying’ there.

A growing number of media outlets and social media platforms have reported on the outrage that is PJs on the School run, and the most favoured comment of the keyboard warriors is ‘They clearly haven’t washed (if they’re in PJs)’ well I’m pretty sure there’s plenty of people in ‘Day Time’ clothes that appear not to have washed for days and stink to high heaven. So lets stop using nightwear as a gauge of personal hygiene.

I know men  and women that work nights, come in have a shower and put their pyjamas on so that they can go straight to sleep when they get back from the school run.

Now to the bit that really gets my goat, the assumption that these PJ wearers are:

  • Back off to bed
  • Spongers
  • Wastes of Oxygen [SIC]
  • Unemployed
  • Bone idol
  • Sat on the sofa watching Jeremy Kyle
  • Claiming the dole

Well, I AM one of those parents that you will see, occasionally, in pyjamas on the school run. I say occasionally because normally I can’t do the school run at all.

I’m 37 and when I had my son 8 years ago I didn’t expect to be physically unable to walk him to school and that includes driving and walking the short distance to the gate.

I have various chronic life long illnesses, which I won’t bore you with the details of , as it’s also none of your business, But up until last year I had worked non stop from the age of 16 including serving in the Royal Navy, in war zones.

I could have stopped working much sooner but I was brought up with a strong work ethic and independence.

It’s not easy to go from polishing your shoes to within an inch of their life and clothes pressed to parade ground pass standards but unfortunately I don’t have a choice.

Same as I don’t have a choice in claiming benefits. First having delayed doing so for as long as possible and using up all of our savings.

I’ll give the haters one win though, I am sat on my arse most of the day or more factually correct lain in bed. Not watching Jeremy Kyle alas but mostly rolling around in pain and unable to eat or care for myself.

So on the very odd occasion I think I can manage to get to the school and more importantly back again in the morning I do it in my PJ’s. The energy it takes to wash and cloth myself would mean that the school run would be impossible. So I forget my pride and try to ignore the rude glances and take my son to school because that really makes his day, to have a ‘normal’ mummy for the morning.

It’s my way of giving back to him, for all the times he has missed out on something because I can’t manage it, for never being able to have a friend over and when its half term having to spend most of the day in bed watching Netflix because his mum is poorly.

I probably only account for a small amount of the PJ wearing brigade but I am one of them all the same. I’d ask you to perhaps consider this letter before you judge your fellow parent next time but somehow I think you’re probably the same idiot that glares at me and tuts when I use my disabled badge because you can’t SEE my disability!

Kind regards

Michelle Williams in the Moomin pyjama set.


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