HBO Commissioned Game of Thrones Embroidered Artwork

Game of Thrones Season 5 was released on DVD this week (15/03) and HBO have commissioned a number of unusual pieces to market it.


At Central St. Martins Crossing Gallery, a two minute walk from Kings Cross & St Pancras, there is a huge (6m x 4m!) Embroidered piece. The main feature being the imposing figure of the White Walker that looks as if it is stepping out of the artwork.

The most impressive work, for me, is to be found in the outer border which is made up of 36 individually handcrafted replicas of the 9 Game of Thrones family crests.

These pieces came into being from the hard work of various needlecraft communities, across the UK, that worked together as a collective. The Embroiderer’s Guild, Royal School of Needlework , Fine Cell Work Long Term Prisoners and Hand & Lock Design Room.

One of the women involved was Sophy Johnson, 30, an Embroiderer’s Guild member from Medway. She was commissioned to re-create the squid like Greyjoy family crest.

The brief for the whole piece was simple – Cold Medieval and the family crests are very much in keeping. Stitchers were limited to the frosty colours of yarn that they were supplied with but given a free hand in the how they used the colour scheme for their design.

As the stitchers came from all over the UK there was no opportunity to compare work as it progressed. This adds to the richness of the piece, as no two pieces are the same despite each family crest appearing four times. Every time you look at it you see something different.

The White Walker’s head is a purpose built mask that has been embellished with machine embroidery, piping, crystals and beads.


His pendant and elbow ornaments have been hand embroidered in metallic thread by Hand & Lock Design Room and finally his armour is made up of dyed and embroidered fabric produced by students at The Royal School of Needlework.


Anthea Godfrey, Artistic Director Embroiderer’s Guild and Project Manger for the artwork, has every right to be very pleased with the finished product.

The exhibit is on show until 6pm Saturday 19th March.


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